Question about Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of the flavors that has eluded me. I need a good Cheesecake or a Cheesecake Base for a recipe I’m working on.

I have CC TPA and w/Graham Cracker, CC LA, NY CC CAP and Cream Cheese (Raw Extract) Real Flavors.

I’m thinking of using one of these 3 with a shot of CC Extract RF. Any thoughts on best flavor, usage % will help a lot.

I read the notes on each and no one seems to excited about any of these.


I used CC RF in a yumberry cheesecake, still can’t taste it AT ALL, It’s only just over a week I think, maybe 2, gonna be a long one …I hope…


I would love to hear thoughts on this as well.I have the ones you mention except for the Real Flavors Raw Extract.The only one I didn’t like was the plain CC (TPA) , the one with Graham Cracker I like.
I have only tried a few dedicated Cheesecake recipes , the majority has been to help in a Vanilla Custard mix.
I started out using CC with Graham Crust (TPA) but I find myself using either NY CC (CAP) or Cheesecake (LA) most of the time now.
I love the sharp cheese note of the New York CC (CAP) but I prefer the creaminess of the (LA) Cheesecake. I have thought about trying to make a base using all three.
I use the NY CC (CAP) in the range of 3.0-4.0%
I like the (LA) Cheesecake around 3.0%
I use the CC with Graham Crust (TPA) in several recipes that range from 1.5 -5.0%
Good Luck and please keep us posted if you find a good combo.


Thanks for the info. I thought about CC / VC combo also. I’ll keep this in mind for later.

These CCs all have their own individual characteristics, but none are the total package.
All things considered a CC base might be needed to get a perfect CC.


Hopefully a cheesecake pro pops in here. I have cap and la in. Just started adding to recpies and will have to wait to see how they affect my existing recpies.

Sadly. I too need to just make some cheesecake bases. But at this point I have too much ready liquid ready to vape and other things I’m just waiting to mix. I think I could go two months without mixing and I would still not need to mix.


I want to attempt this recipe, but I think it would suck without a good CC note.

Just something I dreamed up up… Looking for comments…

"WIP Group Test Project" Cheesecake Base

Ingredient %
Cheesecake (LA) 4
Cheesecake (TPA) 3.5
Greek Yogurt (Flavorah) 2
Marshmallow (Flavorah) 1.5
New York Cheesecake (CAP) 5

Flavor total: 16%

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sorry to chip in to your thread with a theory that really has no basis apart from the possibility of a result in a months time but I’ve been looking for the same thing as you, my thinking was to add the creaminess of the NY Cheesecake CAP to the fullness of the Cream cheese RF (or at least that’s what I was hoping for) and then a slight percentage of Whipped cream to give it a fluffy cream lightness on top, then adding the Graham cracker clear TPA for the base, I was tempted to add .5% of biscotti FW to the base to give the biscuit a boost but maybe on the next version if this doesn’t turn out enough.
I’ll be following this thread with interest.


Sounds really good. Keep us posted on your results.

I thought about Whipped Cream FA on this one, but I used MM FLV because it adds fluffiness and sweetness and that little extra something that MM FLV has.


Yeah I only have a few FLV. Marshmallow not being one of them, only CAP, not sure it would have the same result unless I paired it with a touch of Meringue FA maybe…


I’ve been using the Cream Cheese Icing-LA. I actually replaced a whole Cream Base I was using in a lot of recipes with it. It’s sweet and taste like Cream Cheese. I actually think this with Graham Cracker Clear will get you closer than most of the other ones I’ve tried and the mouth feel is rich.


ny cheesecake cap 6pct
graham cracker clear tpa 1.5pct
sweet cream fw 1 pct
meringue fa .5pct
mm fa .5pct

makes a pretty good cheesecake base , i recently bought LA cheesecake and cream cheese icing that i havent been able to do anything with yet

and if you add

blackberry fw 4pct
raspberry fa 2pct

to the other totals you will get TAYBERRY DELIGHT
a recipe i havent made public yet bc i want to try the lorann flaves and possibly a waffle cone taste in there as well also i want to switch the fa mm to cap mm at 1 pct i like the flave of caps better btw a tayberry is a cross between blackberry and red raspberry


My vote goes for FW cheesecake. Its more of a light sweet kinda cheesecake. Think along the lines of oreo instant cheesecake. When mixing i use half cap ny cc and fw cc.


@Pro_Vapes, I’m sorry if this was mentioned but I have had a lot of luck with LA Cheesecake and LA cream cheese icing together. Actually these are the only Lorann flavors I buy, outside of clover honey.
I do think these flavors are good on their own, but together they seem to morph into something great, mind you I do not have a lot of other cheesecakes, besides TFA graham cracker crust (Which I also like but not as a straight up cheesecake).

I typically do 3-4% LA Cheesecake to 2-2.5% cream cheese icing.

That’s my 2 cents, keep the change :wink:


Thanks for the input.


the two flaves im dipping into next ty for the starting points


Just make sure it’s, “Lorann Cheesecake”, not LA NY Cheesecake or any other kind. I have messed around with yogurt in a few recipes as well and that gives it that extra boost in the tangy area.
I think I may mess around with making a base now :slight_smile: I could see using LA CK and Icing with a touch of graham cracker crust to give it that all around cheesecake feel, with optional .4 % FLV yogurt. Shit some Marshmallow, fresh cream and Madagascar vanilla, may also round it out. Ohhhh now I am feeling inspired, so many other avenues :yum:


After reviewing this thread I revised the base to include CC Icing and dropped CC TPA as there is not much interest in it. I’ll do a small base of this for testing. Thanks to everyone for your input. I’ll report back later with my thoughts on this base. It has to be better the SF CCs listed above.

"WIP Group Test Project" Cheesecake Base v2

Ingredient %
Cheesecake (LA) 4
Cream Cheese Icing (LA) 2
Greek Yogurt (Flavorah) 1
Marshmallow (Flavorah) 1.5
New York Cheesecake (CAP) 3

Flavor total: 11.5%

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"WIP Group Test Project" Cheesecake Base v2 (base)

Ingredient ml g %
Cheesecake (LA) 1.74 1.74 34.8
Cream Cheese Icing (LA) 0.87 0.87 17.4
Greek Yogurt (Flavorah) 0.43 0.44 8.6
Marshmallow (Flavorah) 0.65 0.65 13
New York Cheesecake (CAP) 1.3 1.35 26

Total base: 5 ml
To be mixed at: 11.5%
This is enough for 43 ml of finished liquid.
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Hmmm. Random question… Why the yogurt? And thanks ahead of time for testing.


Creamy, smooth, sour and tangy. Man… I love this Yogurt and I think it’ll help create a foot to the face cheesecake. It’ll also help make this a little more concentrated.

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