Question about dilutants (and the Safety of PG, VG, PEG)

Haven’t mixed since. . .ermm. . .might’ve been 2010? Anyway, I’ve noticed PEG 400 has just about disappeared from the discussion and I’m kinda curious as to why, a couple hours on google didn’t really turn up anything. Anyone still using it?

That aside – Is the only recognized mixture these days seriously 70/30 AG/PG? Seriously? I remember people destroying their attys with that. --That said, I realize the tech has changed a lot.

I ordered some stuff, went with a bottle of VG and then PG based flavours and PG 60mg nic to make hitting that mark pretty simple – and just waiting on the Smok g150 (comes with Big Baby Beast and got a Cloudbeast King for the . . meh, I’ll say it, for the lolz) to arrive in the next few hours. But after the mixing stuff arrived fedex a couple hours ago I’ve just really been thinking – I used to use strictly PEG except the flavor, and that wasn’t even on the table in my pre-emptory googling the day I got it in my head I wanted to get back into vaping as a hobby when I found my old E-lectron Supreme and very old Titan 510 in a drawer.

Again, just curious here. I’m probably going to order a bottle of PEG and PG and mess with stuff to find out first hand what various percentages are actually like – dilutes have gotten absurdly cheap now that you don’t have to order it by the gallon from chemical/pharma suppliers. Like, I got a litre of VG, 150ml 60mg/ml nic, 300-ish ml total of flavours and the basic mixing gear (graduated cylinder, funnels, syringes, etc) for under 50 USD. Mixing was never remotely as expensive as buying pre-made, but damn it got cheap. But, yeah, while I’ll probably experiment either way, doesn’t hurt to hear from people what the deal with the 70/30 consensus is.


Very few vapes these days can not use a 70/30 mix so to make everyone a mix they can use manufacturers will go with 70/30. You can call it a happy medium sort of. Subohm units have a little thicker blend and the blend is still thin enough for most non-subohm tanks. Those blending for personal use will blend what they prefer for their blends. If they like more Throat Hit, higher PG. If it’s vapor they want higher VG. With the introduction of the subohm tanks the reasons are changing for higher VG blends. Today’s subohm tanks are juice hogs. It helps to have a thicker juice to help with conservation of juice with a plus of more vapor. FIY, the tanks you purchased should run MAX VG blends. They don’t call them beasts for nothing. One other thing I wanted to mention is to use the TFV12 with the G150 and T12 coil within recommended wattage range, you will be really pushing that mod even at the lower wattage range. You should pick up a Alien 220 watt for that tank…

As far as PEG 400 goes, sorry but I know nothing about that stuff. Before my Vape time I guess…


Welcome back to the game !

I never used PEG400 but there is word out there that it breaks down into a lethal substance.

I’ll just link it here so you can check it out.

If anything that has changed since you were active it would certainly be the tech as @ringling touched on. Most mixes will be Max Vg purely d/t your set up. I personally loved a good 60 pg/ 40 vg when I was first starting out but w/ time I have developed a serious pg sensitivity I can still use it but I limit my intake of it. So Max vg for me I keep it at or under 15% total usage of pg.

The overall awareness of diketones in our flavorings has had a major shed of light and many vendors publicly displace these values.



I don’t mean to derail a serious thread, but I couldn’t pass it up. Serious mixers really know better.

@ringling, you know what I’m talkin’ 'bout.


Actually no, I do not know what your saying. Did someone mention antifreeze? Are you saying PG is a antifreeze? That is correct you know, just not a lethal one…


dont get me going again lol


That is what that link I put up ^ there is mainly about straightening out the myth. I just hate seeing it associated w/ Vaping.


no, no, no @Amy2… This ain’t about that… just a inside joke. I’d never pick with you. You’re my inspiration.


Oh ok it must of went over my head :blush: and thank you !


…still do! :sunglasses:…that coupled with throat hit nicotine from VT… Mmmm boy! It lets me know I’m still alive! :smiling_imp:


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Sorry for being illiterate, but my simple mind thought PEG 400 was the same as PG. This is what happens when children jump into adult conversation.

I’ve never heard of PEG 400, but I feel lucky that I don’t know. What’s the scoop?


Essentially early on it was loved for it’s ability to be pg but have the viscosity of vg. It turned out that after breaking down in our bodies ( peg 400 ) broke down into some seriously lethal substance oxalic acid… which is dangerous. This danger is present in PEG, but as stated above, not enough to cause harm when vaporized. This is when it was swallowed not inhaled.
credit goes to :

Very informative site


Thanks @Amy2. Your knowledge of vaping then and now is vast. That’s why I say…


Thanks Again ! I wanted to use Peg 400 did a bunch of research on it only to find out it is going to act just like pg ( which y’all know doesn’t like me too much ) and then to learn about it’s metabolic changes I decided no thanks even thou ppl used it for years. Some probably still do.


Is this really a derailing though? I guess maybe a little but since you guys brought it up could you please elaborate? Please remember that a lot of people find this kind of stuff on Google and don’t really understand the difference between industrial grade PG actually being used and labeled as antifreeze, food grade PG used as a flavor carrier and pharmaceutical grade PG being used in asthma inhalers. It might be helpful in case any very new folks stumble upon this topic through a random search.


Kind of a semi-derail, but it’s back on track now. It actually turned out to be a serious learning experience. No more derailing for me.


On the point of reducing harm to new vapers emerging into the DIY ejuice scene Anti-freeze is Not in E-Juice.
link included gives a nice run down and was easily found when typing into google : does e juice contain Antifreeze.

The four ingredients used in the majority of e-liquids are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, GRAS flavoring and nicotine. Propylene glycol is also a component of antifreeze but only to make it less toxic if swallowed. It’s actually marketed as “non-toxic antifreeze” and is used in places like home water pipes where incidental digestion may be possible.

Unfortunately for smokers, diethylene glycol [ DEG ] is used in tobacco processing. As a result, cheaper, less filtered nicotine may become contaminated with DEG. It may also be a byproduct of low-grade propylene glycol, most likely the cause with the sample found to contain trace amounts of diethylene glycol in the FDA study. The majority of e-liquid manufacturers use USP grade nicotine and propylene glycol, neither of which should contain DEG.

This should satisfy the random search !!! PSA done !
Sorry for the derail / siderail / guardrail :wink:


So basically PEG got tossed because they couldn’t find a way to overcome the poison myth – kay then.

That said, Holy good God the new kits are an entirely differnt experience from the old days. >.> My last kit capped out at 6.9 amps. (30 watts) And the airflow was a tiny hole. Teeny tiny man.


VG is an antifreeze.

Glycerol or vegetable glycerin

Once used for automotive antifreeze, glycerol has the advantage of being non-toxic, withstands relatively high temperatures, and is noncorrosive.

Glycerol was historically used as an antifreeze for automotive applications before being replaced by ethylene glycol, which has a lower freezing point. While the minimum freezing point of a glycerol-water mixture is higher than an ethylene glycol-water mixture, glycerol is not toxic and is being re-examined for use in automotive applications. Glycerol is mandated for use as an antifreeze in many sprinkler systems.

VG not you too? O noes :smiling_imp: