Question About ELR Favorited Recipes

New user question.

On the main ELR site, I have marked several recipes as Favorites. Is it possible that those could go away at some point in the future by being deleted or made private by the original poster?

If I find a recipe I really don’t want to loose, should I be adapting them to my own collection instead of making it a favorite?


Yes, if they are deleted or made private you won’t be able to access them anymore. If you want to be sure you save it, adapt it or take a screenshot of it. :slight_smile:


That is what I do. Just adapt it, so you always have it. Just make sure and keep it marked ‘private’. :slight_smile:


Adapt and overcome… I also print them in case we cant get on this site at some point for whatever reason. (I’m only paranoid because of my government).


I’ve adapted them (kept private), saved them as word documents in case the site doesn’t work and printed on paper for the eventuality that there’s something wrong with the power and my gadgets don’t work :smile_cat:


I also have saved recipes in a Word document. You are the first person I’ve seen that says they did that too.
I put them in a Table, 2 to a row, 2 columns. I also print out the recipes that I am going to mix.
I save recipes that have the highest ratings. I have them sorted in the Word document, like Chocolate recipes, Peach recipes - by which ingredient is most prominent.

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Being a big fan of excel, thats were i keep track of eveything. Works well for me, ive been adding flavor matching tab from a recent thread here, including other misc tabs for notes.

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@Maureeenie omg i have never considered not being able to get on the site , i would be devastated and lost starting my index cards tonight for recipe file great thinkingf

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I used to work in data and telecom. Always make a paper trail on designs.

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