Question about flavor percentages

ok so real quick question, and i am sure that i already know the answer to this but are some flavors just simply stronger than others? i feel like the answer is yes, because of the flavors i mixed up all being 20% flavor, some are more of a throat hit with stronger flavor, and some are good flavor. i am using Flavor West and The Flavor Apprentice right now…

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Hi gmleonard;

Yes, one flavor can be more concentrated than another. I use a TFA flavor called Mexican Liqeuer. Any stronger than a 1% with this flavor will curl the hair on your toes. However, TFAs milk chocolate could easily be used at 15-20%. Flavor West natural flavors are quite concentrated but as with TFA, some Flavor West flavor can easily be used 15-20%. Flavor strengths vary, no doubt. I will say that by saying, and I quote “some are more of a throat hit with stronger flavor, and some are good flavor”, you threw me off a bit. As we gain experience blending, and vaping, we quickly learn that more VG gives more vapor, more PG gives more of a throat hit. We also learn that the more nicotine in the blend, the more harsher the taste (appears as stronger throat hit). This is why you threw me off. After thinking about it I did realize you’re probably saying you’re gagging from extreme flavor strength. Sounds about right…


If you check the flavor list on ELR and search for the flavor you’re wanting to use, then click on the one that matches with the most recipes, you can see what the minimum, median, average, and maximum flavor percentages used on ELR are. It isn’t necessarily 100% accurate to what you will find is your preferred percentage, but the median and/or average is usually a good place to start.

In answer to your actual question, absolutely. Like @ringling said, some flavors, even within one brand, are much stronger than others. FlavourArt is touted as being incredibly strong (as are LorAnn’s, I believe). From what I’ve found through research and my own experiments, Flavor West, Capella, TPA, and Inawera typically work best at 5-10% as singles (sometimes as much as 15-20%), and usually around 3-5% for mixing with other flavors.

Hope this helps! :smile:

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