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Question about heat?


I’ve witnessed this 1st hand. My entire 1st MF SFT batch was ruined by heating them… and quite a few mixes besides those. Knowing what flavors is adversely affected by heat would require a whole separate batch of test for each flavor.

Imagine trying to troubleshoot a bad mix when heat steeping is involved. At this point in my DIY journey, heating is a procedure in the process that I choose to exclude, as the risk outweighed the benefits for me.

Another no brainer.

DIYing takes patience… and until you learn to exercise patience you will make more errors when mixing. DIYing can be a lot easier with less steps in your process.

No amount of heat will result in good mix. Using accurate flavors that you are familiar with trumps any amount of heating, stirring or steeping. To many mixers concentrate on the wrong aspects when it comes to making a good mix.


I wont argue the fact that heat is nicotine worst enemy. because it is it does speed up the oxidation and reduce the nicotines shelf life because it does.

but when mixing id have to say heat does help speed up the steeping process. based on personal observations when testing a juice I don’t like until it has steeped.

taken from another vape site

What is steeping e-juice?

Steeping has a long tradition with teas, beer, and even food products to either extract all the nutrition or as is the case with steeping e-juices, to release more flavor. Steeping vape juice is a way of aging the e-juice to remove any harsh bottled tastes and alcohol, which are volatile. Steeping mixes the VG/PG base, flavorings, and nicotine, and then oxidizes the juice to remove the alcohol. The process of oxidation, while removing the alcohol, also darkens the color of the liquid.

the reason I stared using heat was I noticed that juice I bought tasted a lot better when left in my truck while at work during the summer… but on the same note the same juice I had to long in the truck lost flavor. this is how I decided on adding flavors @ 30°c or 86° F

i’ll agree with you on this one .to much heat can ruin a flavor. think it was Strawberry(LB) that I had go bad when I first tested out the heat on my first mag mixer before I used a thermometer to watch the heat…

ill give you a thumbs up on this one. know the flavors your using. you cant go wrong with single flavor testing.


Thanks for your well thought out comments… :slight_smile: It’s going to be an interesting hobby.


So now that I obviously have a bunch of pros in my corner what I really would like is an accurate procedure for a newbie. I have a scale I weigh everything and about 60 flavors and right now my mixes are hitting good at about 50% most of what I make ends up going down the sink :frowning: I can go heat no heat I can’t steep for very long because I have to vape nearly everything I make. I’m very afraid of making a huge batch because it most probably be crap. So something simple that I can follow to the letter and not waste more stuff. Most of the mixes I do are 2 flavors problem is of course taste.


This is highly contested, and has been tested and disproven in varying circles, on multiple occasions.

I would agree that there are definite temperature limits though.

It’s my experience that no noticeable degradation can be noted/detected if you stay below certain temperatures while mixing (and since this has been addressed before, both in ELR and elsewhere to death, I’ll not go into all the varying specifics).


best advise is single flavor test… try the flavors solo first see were you like them.

then go from there when mixing flavors and looking at recipes you can make. you will be able to judge if you might like recipe or not. also if you post a link to you flavor stash on elr . some people who have responded might be able to make some helpful sugestions….


Lol, thanks for replying anyway. I know the feeling.


You’ve got 2 hours of read time. With that kind of work your not going to make much of anything good.
Try reading these.
You have to put the work in.


Back to work :slight_smile:


Did you know that you could enter your flavors into your own flavor stash on the other side of elr and share a link here?

Many of us would be happy to look at your stash and make recommendations based on recpies you have mixed and recommend other mixes.

But yeah your going down the right track. Some of those first mixes can be hard. But that’s part of the process.


http://e-liquid-recipes.com/publicstash/192459 hopefully that works. My stash :slight_smile:


I’m leaving for Hawaii on Saturday for a week some quick and easy recipes would be much appreciated :slight_smile: see stash above


Here’s two Single Flavor Mixes from your stash:
Grape Candy (TPA) 7%
Watermelon Candy (TPA) 8%
That should get you started with quick and easy :raised_hand:


I like this for a quick easy one. Hope u Enjoy :wink:

Cinnamon Danish Swirl (Cap) 2.0% - 2.5%
Super Sweet (Cap) 0.25 - 0.5%

@RexRabbit Edit, I’d get it steeping now, and leave it for your last vape. Needs to steep to calm down a bit, plus the cinnamon will stay in your wicks. SAVE IT for YOUR LAST DAY

Enjoy you vacation


Thanks keep them coming :slight_smile:


I know ELR is quick to help other members, but sometimes the will to help outweighs a reasonable solution.

Vague questions mostly get individual preference responses. You are not guaranteed to like any mixes posted by other members… especially complicated mixes with subs.

I’d suggest using the “what can I make” function on the calculator and find something simple that appeals your taste in vapes using flavors you have, as you don’t have time to test or shop for flavors.

Or you can save yourself time and headaches and buy your favorite premade juices for the road. There aren’t many quick fixes in DIYing because of the individuality in mixing.

Goodluck with your mixes And enjoy Hawaii.


Hear hear!


Here our SIC. below.

You can make 2 versions (see above) just add 0.25 Butter, Golden to 1 mix. Since you have 3 cinnamons in ur stash, Im guessing y0u are realy down with that. :partying_face:

That’s all I can help since we don’t have a lot in common.



This is a good thread, does anyone have recommendations for affordable hot plates and or heated stirrers?


Oh @tartarusspawn!