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Question about heat?



@bradleyb5155, I got mine from amazon…

in Dec of 2017 I bought this one.

current price on amazon $42.99

works great only problem was no temperature control heat either on of off… I used a digital thermometer I bought from Wal-Mart to watch the temperature. and it still works just fine.

bought this one this past November . and it arrived dec 6.

current price on amazon $58.99

worked great until it broke 1 week later… defective motor waiting on manufacturer to mail me a new one. when it was working it worked better than my old mixer. has a stronger magnet and temperature control…

of the two I probably would recommend the first one since I have had it a year with no problems. the second one while it worked I did like it and was impressed that it worked a lot better than my old one. but the verdict is still out on if I would recommend buying the second one…base on a factory defect… and been waiting almost 1 month for them to mail the replacement.


if it helps I mix anywhere from 15 ml to 1,000ml depending on what I’m mixing.


I knew that some people are 2-3 hrs ahead of me, but nearly 10 months… Where do you live? :wink: Anyways, hope you can get a replacement or fixed somehow.


lol, tired just got back from work but fixed the typo…


awesome, thank you.
I can not really tell for the picture, is that a heated stirrer? What is that top thing do?


The more expensive one looks to have temperature control and stirrer, is that right? Also, do you recommend a homogenizer?


Both I linked are heated as for a homogenizer let’s ask a friendly ogre



cc, @tartarusspawn

I can’t “recommend” getting a homogenizer only because of the cost of the things. I have developed a mixing protocol that uses a homoginizer and that protocol produces the best juices I have ever made. This is obviously per my sense of taste and the e-juices I make. I have not used an overhead stirrer so I can not make a comparison between the two.

Sorry, not a whole lot of help…


Can you share more of this mixing protocol? Thanks


Sure. In the past these methods have drawn a lot of flack from “old school” mixers. Not that their methodologies aren’t good, it just almost causes “religious” reactions from those who are set in their beliefs regarding mixing. The following is simply what I like best from what I have tried and mixed.

  1. Combine PG, VG, and all flavors into a flask. I mix 120ml per batch so the flask is 125ml. Seal the flask with a stopper.
  2. Heat the combination in a Souse Vide cooker to 60C for 30 Minutes.
  3. Homoginize for 30 to 45 seconds. I use a stopper with a center hole for the probe and reseal after.
  4. Allow to cool to room temperature.
  5. Add nicotine and blend in with magnetic stirrer.
  6. Give the mix five minutes in an ultrasonic cleaner with no heat applied to remove suspended gasses (optional)
  7. Vape at will.

As per above, this does not negate using premium flavorings, testing flavorings, good percentage practices etc. This simply addresses the mixing component of the process.


I played around with a crock pot, but I was a little paranoid from reading the effects of heat on nicotine. As a result, I baby sat the crock pot with a separate insta-read thermometer and turned it off once the temp got to 120* F. Then would let it sit for a few minutes, shake, let sit, shake, and on and on. Then I stumbled on a HippyVapes video where he used a mason jar… so I figured why not?

If I’m mixing in what I consider to be a large batch, I use the pint size but they come in all different sizes. I try not to fill over halfway which leaves enough room for agitation. Once filled, slap the lid on and shake like hell for 10-15 seconds.

Trying to shake a 120ml bottle or 5 is rough, but with a mason jar it’s pretty much easy mode. Best part is because there’s so much movement in the jar (and air) it fills the mix with microscopic bubbles and blends it very well (IMO). Transfer to your container of choice and done!

Doesn’t do anything to speed up the steep time… but does save my wrist and mixes better than anything I’ve found laying around the house.


Back from Hawaii…ugh. So thanks for the tips on mixes I brought probably ten different recipes with me. Two days into my vacation disaster hit…i caught the flu or some version of it. So, for the most part, I didn’t do anything especially vape. I was coughing my lungs out, but something interesting happened. As I unpacked my bags yesterday, of course today the first day back home I feel perfect, I did notice a those little bottles I packed had changed color…they had been steeping for over a week :slight_smile: they taste better too. Another lesson learned. GET A FLU SHOT NEXT YEAR! :[


Hope you had a nice time aside from the lurgy! Glad you’re feeling better and at least you’ve got a bunch of stuff to vape now you’re home :grin:


Thank you very much. So the sous vide is a better option than hot plate? What device do you use to homogenize and or heated stir?

Thank you!


The Sous Vide will hold temperature within 1°F so it is very controlled. I don’t know if it would necessarily be better than a hot plate but I bought it some time ago for cooking food and it’s handy. I use a hand held homoginizer. It looks something like this:


Much appreciated. Thank you very much. Time to hit the lab!


my replacement mixer will arrive tomorrow … hopefully defect free… and they told me to keep the defective one…

now just I have to figure out were to get a new motor from.


I am going to test a sous vide. As far as homogenizer, no idea, prices seem extremely high.


This is a random question, but perhaps someone could help hear.
I am trying to make DIY tinctures with MCT oil as the base and main ingredient. I want to add green coffee extract to it (in liquid or powder form) and wanted to know if lecithin would be a good addition to help blend the green coffee extract into the MCT?


It’s generally (and widely) accepted that any type of oil is considered as not safe for vaping.

I would recommend looking much further into this before preceding.

(Apologies if you don’t intend this “tincture” for vaping, as I realize that the question could have arisen from the standpoint of “mixing equipment”. But, this is a vaping forum first and foremost, so it needed to be said! :wink: )


This is actually for tincture drop on tongue (sorry for off topic)