Question about mixing fruits...etc

Hi everybody, hope you are all very well
i got a little stupid question to ask since am newbie to DIY
what about if i mixed Fruits or Cookies or even Cheesecake ( 12 Nic 50:50 )
so with this high nic its gonna mute the flavor ?
or shall i change the VG:PG ratio ?
dont mind me for my English :slight_smile:

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If 50/50 is your preferred ratio. Go for it!!! Many people will state pg is a better flavor carrier compared to vg so you should be fine. Some people claim that it may be a bit of a dryer vape or less cloads…but what matter ms is your satisfaction.

Things to note. Pg is less viscous…meaning it’s thinner…so if you are using those big sub ohm coils they may leak compared to a 30pg/70vg.

For me I roll with a 30/70vg just because pg causes me some throat irritation. But if I could I would personally go with 40/60…sadly I can’t even do that.


thanks for reply
and am not using those kind of BIG sub ohm stuffs
am an MTL lover tho clouds isnt my aim for :sweat_smile:
just aim for for flavor :slight_smile:


You should be OK with 12mg 50/50. But, if you find the flavor is weak, MTL recipes can go a little higher % than DTL mixes if needed. At lower wattage, you are aerosolizing fewer flavor molecules and less nicotine into the vapor.

Just as 12mg nic at 100watts might blow my head off, it would be OK at 7-15watts - 25% Total Flavor % might be a mess and muted out at 100watts, but super delicious at 7-15watts. It’s up to your taste perception.

If you need to bring more flavor into it, I’d recommend increasing % gradually until it works for your needs. You could end up with double the % in the original recipe, or just a slight increase, or no increase at all(probably this). The lowest % that works for you will save you money in the future.

Trying the recipe as it is written (adapted to your nic/pg/vg preference) and letting it steep the recommended time is the only way to start to avoid wasting concentrates and time. Go up from there if you feel it needs changing.

Good luck!


Might like to read:

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i will give it a try at 10ml as a test
thank you

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thanks thats helped a bit :slight_smile: <3