Question about my first bubblegum mix

I mixed juicy 6% bubblegum tfa and 3% grape candy tfa
70/30 3mg nic
The bubblegum is definitely there but the grape is faint.
What percentage should I change?

Thats a bit light on the Grape Candy. I would jack it up a bit, maybe start @ 4.5% OR if you have some Grape Juice (TFA) add 1-1.5% of it. It really enhances the flavor of Grape Candy and it has less sweetener and a dash of Vanillin, Apple, Concord Grape.

Grape Candy Component list
Grape Juice Component list
TFA Flavoring Component list

When mixing with TFA check out the List for each flavoring, it may help you decide how to mix them a little better.


Just curious how long did you sleep it

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I find that Fuji apple and black currant, both at low % , really helps grapes to shine.