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Question about nicotine base


When I was browsing through the recipes I notice some recipeS have nicotine base 100% VG, 100% PG and 50/50 PG VG. I currently have 100%PG BASED nicotine, and in wondering if the taste will change if I use my 100% PG BASED Nicotine in replacement for the 50/50 pg vg based nicotine recipes? If so, how can i re-adjust the nicotine i put in so i can mimic the effect of 50/50 pg vg based nicotine? Or do i really need to buy a 50/50 pg vg based nicotine? Thank you!


Do you see the blue button with the wrench on it? Upper right corner. Click that, choose adapt, then change to your preferred ratio and nic base.


There it is! you changed a life, good job!


The taste wont change , you will only be adding more Vg since your nic base doesnt have any , so in the end it will come out the same …


Oh okay thank you!!


Your welcome,


Ooorah @cutlass92 !!


Not even the answer i was looking for haha but thanks anyway