Question about paraseries

Continuing the discussion from this thread and what @BoyHowdy said about parallels. Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!:

Breaking off from the thread to discuss parallels. I love my parallel mech mod because it gives me the ability to build around .2 safely. Even a little lower if I want a warmer vape.

So I have a question that I haven’t been able to figure out.

A parallel mech with a .2 ohm build draws 21 amps. With 2x 30 amp batteries I have 45 amps availible. So where do I stand with a paraseries mod? A .2 ohm build at 8.4 volts is at 42 amps. Hella heat at 350 watts. But my question is safety.

If a parallel mech takes the full amps of one battery and adds half the amps of the other battery, giving you a safer vape at low ohms, how does the paraseries work out?


Believe its amps are the same as parallel, restricted amps by the 2 lead batteries.


Not really following I have some series boxes like the original noisy cricket and some stacked tube mods , they use the voltage from both batteries and put out 8.4 volts on full charge.
I have parallel mods that keep the voltage at 4.2 but you get more mah’s and both batteries carry the amp load so in theory you can build lower.
Some will say to never build lower than one battery can handle just in case one fails and that is the safest bet.
Paraseries I don’t know , I have not seen that term.
Battery Mooch has started posting a series on youtube and he breaks it down wonderfully!
He earned a subscription from me as soon as he posted his first video.We owe him so much.


:thinking: in parallel u get 2x the amp but in series u get the lead and half the 2nd so in para series u would get 2x from the leads and half of each 2nd, treat it as if u had 3 batts so 60 amps??


I have always had problems working it out for the HOGs I have hit .21 and that is a big vape. I think and may well be totally wrong that with paraseries mod you have each bank of two 30 amp are able to put out 45 amp so I think the amp draw is 1/2 that on each battery but I could be totally wrong and it may well be 1/4 either way with vtc5a .2 ohm is safe on a paraseries (i think).

I would in fact really like a definitive answer if anyone has one.


In a parallel mod both batteries go positive side up. A paraseries mod is a 4 battery mod. Not sure how the HOG works but a paraseries sled has two batteries with positive up side by side, and two batteries with positive down side by side.

My question is about the amperage. Does it multiply in a paraseries like it does in a parallel.

Sorry my wording is all screwy tonight. I’ve worked wayyyy too many hours this week.


HOG are paraseries as well


I have a .12 in a Defcon13 paraseries. I can take about a 1.5 second hit from it. 70 amps and 588 watts.

I know a lot of people build .2 to .16 ohm builds on these. They are like the HOG but just a wide ass version. Your .21 build is 40 amps and 336 watts. Hot as hell ain’t it?


yup it is epic - not as epic as a nc1 at .11 lol

** do not ever do this it was an error that could have caused my face to melt off like Harvey Dent


sry, headache as well i meant to say 90 amps where each batt is 30 amps


Your good , I just have no understanding of them.I didn’t even know they existed, I have series and parallels but no paraseries.
I think Mooch broke it down on how to do your amp ratings in one of his video’s concerning both types. I will dig deeper and see what I can find out.


needs to be in title for a PSA


Yeah, performed that little bit of stupidity myself but I think I was around .2 ohms.

Yours was a mere 640 watt vape. Man up bro. :joy::joy::joy:



Using the parallel mech you half the second battery. Still getting 4.2 volts even though it is 2 batteries but the amps in parallel helps opposed to series. In parallel if you have 2x 30 amp batteries you have 45 amps total. 30 plus half the amps of the other battery.

Paraseries would you half the amps of the other 3 batteries? That doesn’t make sense to me. Because were are also moving up to 8.4 volts.
30 plus 15, plus 15, plus 15. 75 amps total? Maybe? That is what I am trying to figure out.

But a .12 ohm build is pushing 71 amps. I wouldn’t trust it with a total of 75 amps at my disposal. 90 amps…yeah. But I don’t think it works out to 90 amps.

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Ya i have never been able to find a definitive answer to this either - mind you a .21 build is plenty for me.

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@Sprkslfly do you know the answer buddy ?


I see what the hurdle is!
In parallel u get 2x the battery amp and series is 1+1/2,
so u get that extra half with each series u put into a parallel circuit,
dual in parallel 30 amp batts would be 60 amps
dual in series 45 amps
4 batts paraseries u get 30 amp from each lead and half of the 2nd in its series=90 amps
bu then again i dont think its truly half of the second anyhows, topic i think mooch stays away from
Never stack batts! :rofl:
Edit: if wrong please tell me, The truth is out there!


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