Question about Steeping time please?

Hey there fellow Vapers,

Yesterday I made up around 700mls of juice.

Ws-23 cooling agent
Nicotine - 3mg

(This is my cheap way I’ve trying to replace the Halo Frostbite I currently chain vape).

I separated them into 60ml bottles and have them in a box at the top of my closest in the dark.

My question is: How long do I need to steep this for before vaping it for best results? Do I need to open the bottles for a ceŕtain amount of time? Etc. Etc

Thanks in advance for advice!


I dont breathe my liquids ever , I did at one time then I read how the molecules change when oxygen hits them also oxygen degrades nicotine so why breathe a mix …Steeping on a a recipe like this shouldbt be too long , however if it were me I would test it as it steeps everyday up to a week then in test weekly up to a month


For menthol mix, I would steep 2-3 days. At most 1 week. Usually after that it would be ready to vape.
I don’t breath / open the cap. Just shake, and keep in a ccol, dry, dark place.


Here is what made me not breathe a mix anymore …Breathing was brought up in a chat yesterday and the show’s host does breathe his mixes sometimes , for me this should validate why NOT to breathe

“Every concentrated flavor is a mixture of raw materials, and every flavor blend can act
differently. For example flavors that have a vanilla characteristic are going to have
slightly different storage capabilities than fruit flavors. Here’s the reason.
Vanilla and caramel flavors are mostly made of large molecules like vanillin, ethyl
vanillin , etc.
These molecules are not very volatile, and tend not to escape the bottle when you open it.
They will be fairly stable. Fruit flavors, on the other hand, are made of much smaller
molecules in general. Whenever you open a bottle, it’s the lightest and smallest molecules
that escape and reach your nose quickly. Over time when you open a bottle over and over
again more and more proportion of these lighter molecules leave the bottle and eventually
the character of the flavor will be changed. This doesn’t mean the flavors spoiled, it’s just
different. So this is one piece of advice, if you are going to store a flavor for a long period
of time, transfer the flavor to smaller bottles that will you will not have to open over and
over again.
Also, when a flavor is warm, like if it’s a hot day, when you open the bottle even more
of the volatile molecules will escape; much more will escape than if the flavor was cool.
This is true for all liquids, when liquids are heated the molecules are much more easily
converted to their gaseous state. So in general it is a good idea to keep the flavor cool”

Ill have to find the other source that goes more in depth than this does


Thanks Vapers, thank God I don’t have to worry about opening the bottles as part of the steeping process. One less thing for me to worry about.


It wouldnt hurt to type “steeping” in the search bar and check out results of other threads. Mixed emotions on the topic of how and the more opinions you hear the better you are at concluding it for yourself. Gl to u!


Hey matey, thanks, I have on multiple occasions searched this here, but found people were using more complex recipes, including desserts.

I was hoping that if I shared and then prayed, my basic recipe would require a lot less time lol.


1 60ml bottle serves as a shake and vape, will be perfect by the time you reach the end. At that time, the rest of the bottles will be good too.
You could’ve saved yourself the trouble here, just try it and see there’s really no problem :crazy_face:


Great. Ty sooo much!! Just tried my own mix and so far I’m alright with it. I filled my tank with a little bit of the Frostbite Halo left. Yep… she’s cool, no doubt. But I think I can finally stop buying brand expensive juice. Thank you!!!

In fact, I think I even prefer it over the brands, what I made!