Question about Strawberry FA

Is Strawberry - FA the same as Red Touch (Strawberry) - FA ? Bullcity has it listed as the following screen clip:

I was price comparing it and Nic RIver’s cost but wanted to ensure I was comparing apples to apples (or berries to berries). Neither site has a listing for “Red Touch”

Yeah its Red Touch. The FA Apple has some fancy name too I think.


Thanks @ffrank

I posted in the other thread but will here as well. Yes, they’re the same. For some reason, FA renames all their flavors with weird names. I think someone said once that it had to do with regulations and them not being allowed to use the real names because it was considered marketing to kids or something, but no idea how true that is. Also, they change names randomly sometimes so you just kinda gotta pay attention. :stuck_out_tongue:
Yup I do believe it is. here is Flavourart’s website of the flavor.

Oh man, I was googling trying to find something to back this up cuz I’d heard it before too, and while I couldn’t find anything about Italian laws regarding names for flavoring, I did find this funny story about French law regarding names for babies!

À bas les fascistes!

I had heard it was Italian laws regarding it not being actual strawberry in it. They have to in some way indicate that fact in the name.

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That is hilarious! Shame on those parents. I sometimes wish someone over here would prevent people from giving their kids stupid names. By our standards, Nutella and Strawberry would be perfectly normal names. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mais ils ont pas de problème si vous nommez votre enfant mohammed allah akbar .

Strawberry FA and red touch FA are the same. Goes the same for watermelon FA and red summer FA I think.

However. I think there is an apple FA notation and a Fuji FA. Those may be different. I think someone will correct me soon on this.

Either way it reminds me to mix an apple pie recipie tomorrow. Lol.

You are correct. Their “regular” apple is called Stark Flavor (Apple). I’ve never had it, so I can’t compare it to Fuji, but here’s what HIC has to say about it:

This is a mild, realistic apple-juice flavor similar to Yellow Delicious apples. There are no tart notes; it’s mildly sweet. It never dominates a recipe, blends smoothly with other fruits, and can be used as a sweetener, especially in fruit blends. Add a little FA Amber or FA Brandy to further “bake” Apple.

When used with FA Walnut, Apple may taste unexpectedly strong. If you’re looking for bold, crisp, fresh-apple flavor, see FA Fuji.