Question about wicks with homemade juice

first of all, i have to say that i let my first flavors that i’ve ever mixed up sit for a few days and they are awesome for my first batch. with that being said however, i have noticed that my wicks are getting brown after only 15 minutes worth of vape time, which i have NEVER encountered before with using store bought juice…

i tried building a new coil, changing the cotton(using 100% organic cotton balls), but i still have the same problem over and over. also, i haven’t even been using darker flavors like tobaccos, just fruits…has anyone else encountered this?

First off let’s say this, it’s nothing to worry about. There’s no need to change coil builds, cotton, etc. Reason for this happening, and not happening with store bought juice, hard to say. If I had to guess then I would say that some shops skimp on favor and possibly that is the reason. Perhaps it has something to do with steeping. Shop juices, especially those that are blended on the spot may not be steeped. Many blended flavors darken or change color with steep time. (Vanilla turns brown as your picture) Some do not change at all. Here in this forum you may have read of people steeping by putting the juice in their hot car, or a hot bath. Think of how much heat your RDA is putting out. You got yourself a steep generator going there. Also whether we want to believe it or not we are burning some of the juice in a RDA with the extreme heat which can produce color change. My advice to you is for now keep blending and keep vaping and not to worry about it. In the future when temp control is perfected then make the step up if this bothers you…


first off, thanks for the reply, love the community here. in all reality it doesn’t bother me, it was more disconcerting because i thought i mixed something wrong and ended up with a toxic juice hahahaha. but thanks for the reassurance that everything is ok.


Another thing to consider, I don’t know if you max VG, but it will gum up your coil faster than PG. I just don’t know if it would explain the discoloration of your wick. I have noticed the same with vendor juice, but no where near as fast. I do re wick more often with DIY juice, but not because I’m concerned with the coloring.

i mix up 80/20 vg/pg, but again, that was the same ratio from store bought which is why i was a little apprehensive…

Some things I would ask

Are you dripping enough juice to keep the wick saturated?

Have you used any form of sweetener/EM/Brown sugar/molasses/cotton candy etc in your mix?

But over all there is no need to worry.

I find custards tend to colour my wicks faster than any of my other recipes.



It depends on what flavors you use - dark “brown sugar”, cocoa, chocolate etc will gunk up your and color the wick fast! :smile:


Another question, when you re wick, do you do a “cleaning burn” and do you rinse the addy? I ask because my son never did and I was surprised to find a really dark brown around his terminal screws,so bad that I did take it apart and give it a good bath.

It depends entirely for me how long I’ve been using the coil.

If I’ve been hammering my Vape for a few days and then want to change flavour I will take my wick out and then fire until glowing for about 5-10seconds and then rinse under a faucet to get any gunk off.

Then quick dry burn to dry off and rewick.

If it’s not been used very much then I’ll just dry burn and rewick for a new flavour.

I’m definately by no means a pro though.


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That’s the same here on a normal change, every once in a while though I break it down, taking the screws out and all, and give them a good cleaning. Sometimes they are really bad.

If I’m doing a full coil change then I’ll generally rinse under the faucet with warm water to get any residual gunk off.


Yup… normal for us custard, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, coffee, and sweet juice junkies. :smile:


Holy s**t lol.

That’s looks seriously dark on that pic. Lol.


that’s the thing though, i’m not using custards, tobaccos, or anything dark… all of my juices that i am currently using are 99% translucent

If you use citric acid, sweetener or something like it, it will do the same…

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Ok… just to make sure you understand… the juice I’m using right now is not dark. But, when the coil
heats it, the cotton turns dark because there is vanilla, custard, and sweetener in the juice.


Can you share your mix recipe ingredients, so we can see what you’re vaping?

Looks like a HexOhm?

i didn’t even think about it but my one juice orange cream has cream flavor in it obviously, so i guess that’s where it’s coming from…

but as of right now what i mixed up are as follows, all being 80/20 VG/PG:
Strawberry Fruit Circles- fruit circles flavor from flavor west with a touch of strawberry natural from TFA, probably at a 2/3 fruit circles 1/3 straw
Orange Cream- straight orange cream flavor from TFA i believe
Yumberry- straight yumberry flavor from TFA i believe

My guess is: It’s probably Fruit Circles from FW that does it :smile: