Question to make a bigger amount from recipes

Hey guys i have a question hope you helping me
I have a recipe for 30 m.L bottle and flavor Percentage is :-

Burley . 30 m.l
Desert ship .30 m. L
Virginia. 1.2 m.l
Black fire. .15 m. L

This percentage is for 30 m. L
The question is if i would make from this recipe should i use flavours percentage multiplied by four

For example:-
Burley .30 x 4=1.2 m. L
Desert ship .30 x 4= 1.2 m. L
Virginia 1.20 x 4= 4.8m.l
Black fire .15 x 4=.6 m. L

Thanks you all


Just click the blue wrench on the top right of the recipe page and choose adapt this, change the volume from 30 to 120 and you will get the exact amount to use.
Multiplying by four would work too, I’m just lazy and use the calculator :grinning:


Thanks for reply josephine it’s really helped me alote


The percentages stay the same, just change the desired amount to make. The amount of ingredients will go up per ingredient, but you want the % to stay the same so it tastes the same no matter how much you make.


The ELR calculator is great all you do is change the desire bottle size and the calculator does everything else for you