Questions about RBA coils

I’m new to the Rba coils. I have a tfv4 and a tfv8 tanks. They both came with the RBA and pre built coils inside. How do I thread the cotton through? Also, where can I buy the premade coil inside when I need to replace it? I’m not ready to wrap the coils myself yet. That looks way too complicated. Where do I get cotton? Is there a specific type of cotton to buy? Sorry about all the questions but I’m so tired of these expensive coils all the time. If you have any tips that you think I should know I’m happy to learn. Thanks!!

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I don’t have enough time to type. But YouTube search will be good. It’s a good thing to watch some videos.

Supplies can be purchased online.
Eciggity.con is one

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I don’t own either of those tanks but I do have a couple of RBAs for another tank so I will help as much as I can.

Are the coils already installed in the RBA?

Yes. I just watched a couple videos and it looks fairly easy. Do places sell the wires prewrapped?

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It looks like the TFV8 comes with preinstalled coils which makes it easy. Here is a video and this guy is really informative and makes it nice and simple for beginners.

Cotton pads are fairly inexpensive and your local vape shop my carry them. I recommend the cottton pads over some thing like Cotton Bacon for ease of use. Here is a link to some very good cotton pads on Amazon.


Some places have prewrapped coils. Not having the tank though I can’t tell you what diameter coil to get. Not sure if it takes 2.0mm ID or 3.0mm. Maybe @provapes knows, I think he may have one of the tanks and can help with premade wire.


Thank you! This helps alot :grin:

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As has been suggested there are lots of great vids on Youtube. If you need further assistance the chat room always has people in there willing to help in real time.

Wrapping your own single wire coils is very easy. Depending on whether you want to vape in temp mode or power mode will be your first decision. In Power mode I suggest you stick with Kanthal or Stainless. In Temp mode you could use Stainless or Titanium. Nickel if you are living on borrowed time (let the flaming begin LOL). Finding videos on making coils for your specific device will help as well.

For wicking, I always recommend people take a look at @SthrnMixer’s wicking guide here Interesting Velocity build

There are things with wicking that can leave you feeling frustrated. Dry hits in Power mode. Dry coil errors in Temp mode. Leaking tanks is something else you will face on your road to learning how to wick your tanks. Too much cotton in the coil won’t allow the juice to flow up to the coils. Too little and you won’t get enough juice flow either. I generally put enough cotton in the coil that it has some resistance, but isn’t so tight I can’t pull through. If pulling it through results in the cotton jamming up then you have a bit too much in there. But usually, I have to feed the cotton through while twisting it to get it to go, if that makes sense.

Trial an error will be your best bet. If a wick doesn’t work, yank it out and try again. You will get it. Just don’t give up.


+1 - Awesome, concise advice here. Wish I’d been given it when I started with RBA’s, would have saved me hours (weeks…?) of research. If it wasn’t for OCD I’d have given up months ago. Actually now I think about it, I’ve found more straight useful answers here than the other two best forums IMHO - reddit and ecigarette forum, which are both still excellent, but I often have to pan a lot of OT to get the gold…

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Ive been reading that you can source the rayon/cotton from tampons

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If you could get them small enough you could use the applicator to wick your coils. lol

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KotexU I believe. They say the stuff that came in pill bottles was the best, then kotex. I use Sally’s cellulose 100% rayon. I can imagine then look on my wife’s face of I came home with a box of tampons and told her I was going to vape on them.


Kinda’ nullifies the SNAG label for buying tampons don’t it :wink:

And you can imagine the embarrassed dude at the counter, “I’m buying them for my vapouriser. No really…” :wink:


I was just figuring since I was gonna boil them anyway I’d just salvage used ones from the gas station bathroom… Umm isn’t that where everyone else gets em?


Have you spoken to your therapist about these thoughts you’re having…? ;p)

It was her idea to look there