Questions about search feature on the recipes area?

Just wondering if I’m missing something. Is there an advanced search feature for the recipes area? I’d like to be able to do a search for recipe names but doesn’t seem to work. I do a search for CREAM hoping to see all the recipes with cream in the name so I can look through them to get some ideas for making my own cream recipes, but it doesn’t seem to work that way.
I’m assuming the list that comes up is just showing recipes with CREAM in the ingredients. And that’s not really what im looking for.


ELR will return matches in flavor names, user names and recipes names. Cream would definitely not be a good word to search for in a recipe name - it would be buried among cream-containing recipes :smile:

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Oh so true. There is Vienna cream, cream fresh, orange cream, strawberry cream, Bavarian cream , money cream, banna cream, cream, cream double , cream de mint, and so on. Kinda like forest gump and shrimp.

But if you are searching for cookies & cream. Search for cookies. Although you will find cookie in a lot of recipies.

If you are searching for a clone recipies like dr. Scott dream berry cream. Well that’s a tough one. From there you can google search the name of the juice and e-liquid and see if the Google machine can find it. Sometimes it works.

Exactly my point. So I guess the answer is, no there is not an advanced search option so you can search by recipe name only.
Any chance of adding one in the future? :wink:

Or maybe setting it up so the recipe names come up 1st? Or be 1st on the priorities list instead of flavor names or user names being 1st.