Quick Nicotine Question

Howdy all - Is it ok to bottle nic in smaller bottles if I have already placed the nic in my freezer? I’ve had the nic in the freezer for about a month now and would like to break it down to smaller bottles.

Thank you - Cheryl


I would say yes, because I have done that with 100mg Nic. I just let it warm up a bit and shake it to mix the Nic and then pour into smaller amber glass bottles with cone caps, leave a little head space at top and I top off with argon gas and put cap on and then refreeze. Have had no I’ll effects.


Thank you so much Rocky. I greatly appreciate your help… love your recipes too :relaxed: … have a bottle of your Jam Monster J Cranberry steeping…


lol… when being a welder has benefits?
or when your vaping love gets to a point you need an account with Airgas? :sunglasses: :sweat_smile: :heart:


@Hoyden ABSOLUTELY. That’s EXACTLY what you want to do. Break down your big bottle, into smaller bottles, and use only one, until it’s gone, then move onto the next. You want to minimize how much of your main stash is exposed to heat, light, and freeze/thaw cycles.


Yup, as everyone else already said.
I have bottles of one litre and only break one down in smaller bottles when I need to.
The rest I leave as is.


These are the bottles I use, they come packed in a foam mold with foam top, after I fill them I put them back in the foam mold and put the whole box in the freezer

For Argon, I use Bloxygen, also available on Amazon,

Bloxygen meets Mil Spec MIL-DTL-53072F, Detail Specification - Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) System Application Procedures and Quality Control Inspection, dated 31 May 2017 and the associated MIL-A-18455C, Military Specification, Argon, Technical, Dated 23 December 1986.


I’m getting ready to open a new liter of nic so this is going to help a lot, thanks.