Quick question about tank wicking

On tanks where you run the cotton from the top down into the juice tank, why dont you want to run the cotton all the way to the bottom of the tank?

Mostly just don’t need to. You give up juice capacity and get nothing for it really. Just tip over and watch a couple bubbles surface every now and again.


If you are talking about something like an Avocado ?

I have tried both ways to the bottom of the tank and to the top of the tank I like the top of the tank better you can see the liquid level better and wicks
good I just re-wicked a few minutes ago vapes nicely.

Smok Skyhook RTA. Just got it 2 days ago and I really like it a lot. Just never had a tank with the juice on the bottom like this.

What youve got to think is that the ends of the wick need to be in contact with the liquid otherwise nothing will get up unless you tip it every now and then, i havnt seen the skyhook yet but if its like the Ijoy RDTA then you can do it it either way but unless its near the bottom of the tank youll need to keep it topped up…or tip it 🖒

Been vaping on it for the last 2 days. Its an awesome tank to say the least. Flavor is amazing and theres so many airflow options. Worth the 45 I spent on it. Have a look…

Only real issue I have is the filling port which is shown in the last pic. Its a side fill port and unless you use a unicorn bottle, filling it is next to impossible.

Same issue with the Theorem RDTA. Go to a NAPA or any store that sells weed eater gas line. The hose I’m using I shortened down, I was being a little silly that day. It it’s just a stiff piece of plastic I found at work. Pretty much anything that will fit over the tip of your bottle

My limitless plus is exactly like that. What I usually do is take a piece of wire or an Allen wrench and push the cotton the side as far as it can so the juice doesnt get caught up in it and over flow

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Well all I can say is that this may very well be my new favorite tank taking the place of the Griffin 25 Plus. Oh and the RDA deck this comes with is an added bonus.