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Hello everyone! New member here and I love this forum. I look forward to learning from all of the knowledgeable members on here.

One of my local vape shops carries Hangsen as their “house” juice on their flavor menu. They had about eight different flavors that were oddly mixed to 90% PG / 10% VG. One of the flavors was “Desert Ship” I am trying to determine if the Desert Ship flavor I purchased is likely just a single flavor ejuice made up of Hangsen’s “Desert Ship” flavor, which is sold at BullCity and many other suppliers? If so, I’m thinking I can incorporate other flavors into it since it has been an ingredient in many recipes I have seen on this forum. Hope all of this makes sense. I asked the girl working there and I don’t think she understood my question.



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Pick up the concentrated Desert Ship at BCV, and mix it to your preferred PG/VG ratio. Hangsen Desert Ship is one of my favorites. It works very well as a single flavor mix, and mixes well with lots of other complimentary flavors. I mix it at 5% as a single flavor, and it’s great. I might reduce the percentage a little, if adding other flavors to it.

Hangsen tobaccos are very forgiving flavorings to mix with, and steep times are short.

Go for it, and enjoy!


Here’s a link to a Hangsen thread on ECF that’s been going for 3 years. Tons of Hangsen info. Both tobacco & other Hangsen flavors, but mostly tobacco.


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@d_fabes is the go to Hangsen guy here on ELR. If they ever stop selling HS tobacco, he’s got enough stocked up to get us through our golden years! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL…Welllll I don’t know about that, just a few of my favorites. :wink:


Welcome and glad you joined. Might like my favorite: Hangsen HS Tab Blended. ECX and BCF (was BCV but now Bull City Flavor).
Rich tobacco taste with a nutty undertone.

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