Quick Review of Advken Manta Sub-ohm Tank

Disclaimer: This product was provided by Heaven’s Gift for winning a giveaway. The upcoming review is my own personal and honest opinion, based on my experience with the product and its performance.

Advken Manta Sub-Ohm Tank.

Included in the box

  1. 1 x Manta Tank (0.2ohm Mesh Coil Recommended wattage 50-70)

  2. 1 x 0.16ohm Mesh coil (Recommended wattage 60-80)

3 1 x Replacement Glass

4 1 x Doctor Coil Accessories Bag ( Extra O-Rings )

5 1 x Cleaning Cloth

First Impressions

The Manta Sub-Ohm Tank looks very cool. the honeycomb drip tip matches the honeycomb juice reservoir perfectly. The Stainless steel base and chimney also matches the drip tip and chassis very well. The top of the Chimney has a really cool spoke wheel pattern on it. The Manta has top fill, using a sliding top cap. There is a single fill hole, which is large enough for most bottle tips.There are 2 parallel air flow slots in the base, which has 3 smaller holes within the slot itself.

Using the Tank

I used the Manta sub ohm tank with my Aspire Speeder mod silver. They are a great pairing for the way they look together. I am using the stock 0.2 Ohm mesh coil. I am vaping at 45 watts. The flavor is decent. The vapor is very smooth and cool too. This tank can produce a lot of vapor if you want it too without getting too hot. The tank does get warm if you chain vape a lot in a short time period.

Pro’s and Con’s


The Manta looks really badass. I love the design of this tank the honeycomb pattern is very nice and i really like the spoke wheel on the top cap. This tank has really good vapor. The flavor is excellent. I also like the 810 drip tip. The sliding top fill is a very nice addition. Not a lot of tanks have that as of yet. And the fill hole is large enough to fill with most bottles. I have really enjoyed having a small form factored tank that can hold 5 ML of juice. The design of the coils is really cool. The coils are completely different depending on which one you’re using.


The manta Sub Ohm tank has a few flaws. First off there is no easy way to tell where to slide the top cap to fill the juice. You must look around the tank for a slight notch in the pattern and push the top cap in the opposite direction. If you use clear E-Juice you can not tell how much juice you have left in the juice reservoir. The manta’s stock resin pyrex glass feels very plasticy.

The air flow control is so tight that there is only 2 ways to adjust it. The first way is to take it apart and struggle to tighten it with your fingers or to use needle nose pliers and turn it that way. Using piliers will scratch the tank, which no one likes to do. After 3 days I can turn the air flow control with a paper towel. That’s much better but still not ideal.


I really liked using the Advken Manta Sub ohm tank with Mesh coils. Overall I would give it a 6 out of 10. I liked the design of this tank. It is certainly unique. The flavor and vapor production is on par with a lot of other sub ohm tanks on the market today. I truly believe if Advken added a mark for the top cap so you know where to open it at would have been great. The hard to adjust air flow control is a big bummer.

Here is a link to the Advken Manta sub ohm tank.



Bravo! Thank you for the review. This is how it’s done. Our only line of defense against the onslaught of BS marketing and hype. One more device laid open for all to see. :+1:


Thanks this was my first review. I didn’t have time to spare for the pictures but I wanted everyone to know what I thoight. That still took me a few hours. I don’t even know how much gear I have brought without any info and the it not living up to it’s name.


You and me both! Exactly why I appreciate the effort so much. Pics are nice but this did the trick. I know what it’s all about.


@Vaporraven Nicely done, and you’re not alone with the attraction to the honeycomb !!!

Best reason ever ^^^ !!


Great review, great information, thanks! If you have a decent camera or even a good camera phone, check out imgur.com, I predict your going to be doing more reviews in the future :wink:


I have a pixel 2 xl. I also never did a reveiw before and mainly wanted to get my experience with the tank out but next review I do I’ll add pictures

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In the one review I did here all photos are from a Pixed XL (the first one) and they came out decent

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