Quick shout-out to HiLIQ, if you're not in U.S, check them out

Hi all, i searched ELR for HiLIQ and found the only other entry was from me, so thought they deserve a mention here for others like me - non US-based - who can’t get DIY supplies and nic easily. i hope this doesn’t break any forum rules.

this is not a comprehensive review, and i’m not affiliated with HiLIQ - these are just few thoughts why I’m very happy with the experience i had - and continue to have - with HiLIQ - and why they earned my gratitude

i decided to get into DIY couple of months ago, seeking flavor “freedom” from the ready-made juices available here and the learning - although vaping is officially banned where i live, many premium juice brands are available and at reasonable price - so it’s not the cost.

i made my online research - there are good suppliers in the US but due to lack of clarity around “esmoking” within local authorities, many shipments are just being stopped (destroyed or returned) until a clear law regulates this market.
EcigExpress was an immediate top list in my research. they have all i need, great reviews all around - but they don’t ship outside US
Someone pointed me to HiLiQ.com - they are based in China - and reviews mentioned they have hi-quality Nic in the DIY kit.

so i pulled the plug and made an order with them - online site very smooth to register for a new account, online chat agents available to help with any questions, fast processing, takes PayPal - we agreed we ship thru Fedex - and i was done in few mins - order confirmed, email received, and i receive a tracking number.

now you would know the quality of a vendor’s CS when issues happen. i have dealt with China-based suppliers before. Fedex couldn’t get the shipment thru customs once it arrived to my country. i don’t know what happened, but Fedex messed things up for 10 days or more. i contacted HiLIQ and knowing i accepted to take that risk, they promised to re-ship to me via DHL if i agree to cover the extra shipment.

i agreed to that, they re-shipped as soon as the original shipment was returned to them - DHL knows their business, and i got my shipment door to door in less than 48 hours! and to my good surprise i received a “refreshed” shipment - they re-packaged new items not the original ones, plus few free flavors and Sweetener. all this and the agent was following up with me daily on email and even on “whatsapp” - i felt i’m being treated as a valuable customer although it’s my first order. i got my DIY kit, flavors, Nic base, PG, VG…and i’m into the DIY world. couple of weeks later, i ran out of PG and ordered few bottles more of 100ML, i got them again in 48 hours door-to-door. for this quality service, i’m grateful.

i liked many of the HiLIQ flavors, - i have a stash of like 18 of them now between the 2 packages i got - they offer single flavors and pre-mixed flavors - for example, Serenity is a beautiful mix of rosey/lemon flavors - that is a great morning “wake-up” vape - you still need to mix it with your Nic base to the ratio you prefer. they have Banana La Crema, Vanilla Castard, … their list of single and pre-mixed flavor concentrates is impressive - prices slightly higher than US-based vendors but the flavor have higher concentration - i can only go to 12 or 13% max in a mix. i’m posting some of my test HiLIQ recipes as i venture into DIY - try them at your own risk :slight_smile: - i’ll keep taking notes to help others and will only make public the ones that turn out good (for me, YMMV)

they also have ready-made eliquids with their own brand - and they offer an OEM option where you can choose to create your own mixes and label them the way you want … interesting

apologies for a long story - but i really think these guys at HiLIQ earned my respect and a shout-out. even though i started to get flavors from other vendors, they will always have my gratitude for the excellent CS, fast shipping and for helping me get into DIY. they will remain top of my list.
hope others like me can find these experiences above helpful.



Have you tried their nicotine already? The price is pretty good, I’ve got enough nicotine to last me the next 12 years but if I ever need more I’ll know where to go, thanks! :grinning:

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@Josephine_van_Rijn, yes, the DIY kit included a bottle of 100ml 100mg/ml nic in a PG base.
once i got it, i immediately mixed couple of 100ml 20/80 PG/VG bottles of 6mg/ml and stored the rest in the fridge. i vape 3mg, so i have like a year plus stash of nic.

i can’t compare to nic from other suppliers but there’s no issues with color, flavor or scent. their nic is clear - basically what i was expecting based on other online reviews of HiLIQ.


@TheFlavorSeeker Super thank you for your excellent reviews for HiLIQ, your good words are our attestation of good work. Well, we are pretty proud of our nicotine, you can search in google that we are ranking at the top of the list, so it’s highly recommended and it’s worth to have a try :slight_smile:

Please continue to visit our site and order your favorite products, rest assured that Sarah will be of assistance to you as always. In the future, let’s share more and more, this is my personal email address, sarah@hiliq.com. Tks! happy vaping!


I use DHL from China when offered. Looking at Tracking I could see movement on Saturday and Sunday …ordered Friday received Tues.


Hey @HiLIQ Sarah, better than asking folks to visit your store, may i suggest that you bring your store closer to ELR.

i think there can be mutual benefits in that - i also some non-US vapers, with similar challenges to mine in getting nic & DIY kits, will consider the info valuable…

is it possible to see regular posts from HiLIQ in the eliquid vendor section with list of available flavors, tips on mixing them, news of what’s coming and, the most popular request always :), a special discount to the ELR forum members? ongoing promos & special offers? …etc as a start

PS: pls check first with the forum admin - i don’t want to cause anyone to break any rules.


I also use Hiliq and I’ve been very satisfied. The order shipped out very quickly & I received it a day or two after it cleared customs. The packing on their 99.9% was very secure and quadruple-sealed. That being said, the usual disclaimer applies. Just because I use that purity doesn’t mean it’s ok for everyone. I have a very secure handling process. Stick with their 100mg/ml like the original poster unless you’re properly equipped to handle hazardous chemicals.


Hello @Pooley thank you for this review and vape safely!
@TheFlavorSeeker we have made a doc on the percentage for our flavors concentrate that you can see below but remember you are your own master of your personal taste so find your best suitable dosage.

and please also check our halloween promo with almost 50% on shipping cost below rendez-vous in our website:http://www.hiliq.com/halloween2016


@HiLIQ, thanks for sharing … i was tempted (again!) and just placed an order for the Halloween promo … man you have to stop doing this to us :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

thanks for sharing the flavor concentrates guide… however, for those who will try… many of these ratios are really way too high for HiLIQ flavors. start at 4 or 5%. some of these flavors will be too strong used single even below 8% (subjective of course)
others need to be used in very small ratios (like honey, caramel and cotton candy) where 0.5% will make a big difference. i think it will be great if more here in the forum share their notes and we build a guide based on actual use.


@TheFlavorSeeker thanks for sharing, many people have recomended this company to me, yet looking at their flavour selection which quite nice and huge, i’m looking for flavours like ripe strawberry or bavarian cream as some reciepes include the @HiLIQ don’t have. What flavours they have that might substitute them? and i’m going to order from them soon.


@kupilot, HiLIQ has strawberry and cream, yogurt and butterscotch.

Strawberry ripe is from TPA and it is a different strawberry flavor. I would say if a recipe has a certain flavor from a certain vendor, you really need to use the exact same flavor otherwise you will get a different result, sometimes totally different.
HILIQ has some very nice flavors that produce decent mixes. Search the recipe directory. I’m a big fan of their coconut, mango sorbet, orange, banana la crema and now butterscotch… you may also need to add some top flavors from other known vendors as you build your stash
Good luck


I ordered several of these flavors you suggested. I ordered a couple 100mls and a couple 30ml and few 10mls of flavoring alongside 4L of 200mg Nic and payed. I emailed them about marking the Nic as PG. I was informed that they could only ship 2L at a time because of customs. We agreed that 1L of pure nic would be sent and a 30$ refund would be issued (on my next order!?) RED FLAG#1. I emailed back and said okay please do not forgot to send the flavors i ordered. Long story short. NO FLAVORS came. I emailed HiLiq yesterday about them sending the flavors i ordered and how to redeem my 30$ credit. Have not heard back yet! Grrr


Try to chat with them thru the site to solve this quickly in person. Or ping @HiLIQ with the issue. I never had an issue contacting them with a request… good luck


They sorted it out for me. I am weary of chinese vendors changing orders after the fact as there is little to nothing one can do if shananigans occur. Ive had prices change after payment and all kinds of B.S. Hiliq did right by me now so i have no longer have any concern. Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:


glad you’re sorted out… yes, i know what you’re talking about with other chi vendors… i had the same issue many times and many orders cancelled

  • HiLIQ proved to me they’re different multiple times - and i respect them for that. for me, they’re a trusted vendor

Their prices are actually quite high, though. Also, shipping cost is crazy.


@Sara, here are some numbers from my purchase records over the last year - these are averages of multiple orders including shipping costs. i do hope HiLIQ are watching this thread as this can be valuable feedback to help them adjust prices.

i excluded the PG/VG/Nic and split the costs to only flavors. thing is, for some of us, depends on where you are on the planet, HiLIQ may be one of very few options (if not the only) to get Nic & PG without local customs hassle

0.52 $/ml from HiLIQ (HiLIQ flavors only - some are very good though)
0.48 $/ml buying direct from a flavor vendor (name withheld) in US (so single brand)
0.24 $/ml from a flavor supplier (carries multiple brands) in UK. cost can get lower (down to $0.12 per ml) when i buy larger flavor sizes (eg 30ml instead of 10ml)

[Edit: updated to also remove PG/VG/Nic in shipping calc, not only from amount - to be more accurate and fair]


Hi! :slight_smile: Thanks for the price breakdown. I might try them in future, probably during a promo period or something. Are they shipping from China? I ask this because I live in Asia as well and they’re still charging $30+ for shipping 1 bottle to my country, which is pretty outrageous.

Shipping cost is a big deal for me. I did just place an order with Chefs Flavours. Their shipping cost is quite reasonable. From now on, I probably won’t ever pay high shipping again, no matter how enticing the products are. Not going to make the same mistake I did with Real Flavors. :frowning:


I would love to give them a go as well but I find the shipping cost are too expensive. I live in Asia as well and when I tried to calculate the shipping cost it ended up to be almost close to the cost of the item :frowning:


I sent them an email to see if they have an alternative for shipping.


We have FREE SHIPPING coming this 22-24 November 2017 stay tuned as we will update you guys shortly