R/ecigclassifieds Banned from reddit *UPDATED*


Yesterday reddit banned the only place i can order gear from, with the exception of China. As of yet there has been no update on why and if it will return. This isnt the first time it has been banned for ToS violations but the last time was apparently a booboo.

For those interested you can follow here:

A couple of the mods have posted that they are waiting to hear back from the reddit admins. Crossing my old man fingers!

EDIT for Update:

reddit has now verified the ban on the sub as well as any other that sell prohibited items. Pizzle posted the update here:

Ill post the test of update below.


It says they have set up a discord…I don’t know if that helps you?


Thanks @Lynda_Marie, If worse comes to worse i reckon ill have to jump on their discord. I think i need a couple more Pulse 80w mods, just a couple, hehe.


I love my pulse 80 watts. I think I have 4. I’m on the hunt for another Steam Crave Hadron 220. I can’t find one anywhere.


There are lots of places to get gear, facebook groups, discords, forums and more.
Ive bought more from facebook than anywhere, reddit tends too be to pricey from what I’ve seen for me.
I do have the advantage that I can get gear from TN, KY, VA,NC, AL and GA thanks to all the places I travel for work, day in a day out.


My only problem is getting bottles. I had a bunch on the way from FT but they were delivered to the wrong house and those folks decided to keep it it seems.

I was in the process of buying more from the classies.

Just a quick update, the mods say they are still working with reddit to get it restored. My fingers are crossed.


Text of the update, none of this text is mine:

Greetings all,

As some of you know, r/ecigclassifieds was banned from Reddit by the admins last week with absolutely no warning whatsoever. The mod team has spent the weekend reaching out to Reddit admin to find out what the problem was, and today we received a pretty definitive answer.

Many, many subreddits dedicated to vaping, tobacco, cannabis, and other substances were sent a modmail from Reddit admin outlining their new position going forward: all of these subs are now NSFW, and content which facilitates advertising or exchanges of goods of ANY kind, not only limited to e-liquid but also including devices, accessories, and other paraphernalia, are now STRICTLY prohibited on this platform going forward. As a result, other BST subs such as r/Entexchange and r/ecigclassifiedsuk have now been banned as well, and any vaping subs that remain have had the NSFW tag forced upon them. I’ve included the text of the modmail below:



Hi mods,

We are reaching out to notify you that your community has been designated as 18+ due to being centered on products and/or substances intended for adult use. Users who visit your community will encounter an interstitial that will ask them to confirm that they are 18+.

We also wanted to remind you that any type of sourcing, sale promotion, or sale facilitation (including things like flaring/approving vendors), is prohibited. Please note that this includes not only substances (juice, etc) but vaping devices and accessories themselves. We ask that you update your community rules to reflect this, if you haven’t done so already.

It seems evident that Reddit is making these changes prior to its planned IPO later this year, to clean up their image. Obviously this flies in the face of what we’d been told previously by admin, and with how we’ve operated in harmony with them for many years. We are attempting to establish a conversation with Reddit admin and appeal these changes, but it’s probably about time that we also begin thinking of this as our new normal.

As such, the mod teams at r/Vaping and r/electronic_cigarette will be making some very important changes to our rules in the coming days, so please keep an eye out for those, so as not to run afoul of new policies. In addition, the classifieds will be moving to a new location at our Discord server - please use this link to join, if you would like to. Upon joining, please read the pinned messages in the “#welcome-channel” channel, and follow the directions given in the “#faq-rules” and “#reddit-account-pairing” channels. Pairing your Discord account to your Reddit account will allow you to become a verified member, giving you additional credibility for trades; and more importantly, it will carry your swap count over from r/ecigclassifieds to the Discord server , so that you don’t lose your hard earned swaps :wink:

I wish that I had better news to share with all of you, but alas, such is life on Reddit. I will continue to update this post in light of news and future developments, but this is about as solid of ground as we’ve had for a few days, so I wanted to make it known for all. We will continue to fight for the good cause that we know vaping is, and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding in this difficult time.


Your friendly, foggy mod teams :heart:


Ugh, gotta love people who won’t return mail that isn’t theirs. Glad they are working to fix the Reddit group!


I have a discord account but don’t know how to use it. I followed your link and now I can’t sign out, lol. Are you on discord?

ETA: I found the sign out button but I have other issues with them telling me to claim my account or it will be discarded but when I try to claim my account they tell me my email address is already registered.


I used to use discord a lot but i rarely login now because i have to use my browser as i cant install the program anymore. Im running Windows 7 on this machine and no matter how many times i try to install the required windows update it just wont let me.


Start using Linux and run it in browser, linux works great on older machines and it looks way better, literally tons of different looks and the best part is? All the software is free, it’s community based and open source. Perfect for me because I wanted to edit images and videos and make gifs and what not but the windows/mac versions of capable software would be thousands of dollars, linux there’s alternatives that are free and work just as well.


This is the only machine i have the still runs windows, all of my other machines are packed away, ready for the last big move to the Upper Peninsula.


Ah ok, figured you hadn’t heard of it


RIP r/ecigclassifieds It is dead and will remain dead the only thing left is discord.

Hey there - just a link to a legal shop is okay.
What is not okay is people trying to buy/sell/trade/give away controlled items or vape parts/devices via reddit. Weather money or something else changes hands or not - even offering them as a gift is not okay.
A review of an item usually would not be seen as part of some kind of transaction or trade but it would be very easy for sellers to try to use this as a loophole in marketplace rules. In general seeking loopholes isn’t a good idea.
Does that make sense?

From Reddit Admins


Man how far they have fallen. I remember when Digg started going full retard we all went to reddit, its was crazy and so much fun. Now it is an echo chamber for the emotionally retarded.

So sad…


Oh how they’ve changed…