R.I.P Alien 220w, You were a great mod. :(

IPV8 is a solid device…


Na mate they are still around and have a ripper new mod (well i like it) just released the xyanide


that looks so legit, but the tank base doesn’t look forgiving for anything other than designed for …a 22mm? 24mm?

I have a 30mm with a little overhang on mine (drive ma a bit nuts the overhang that is) it will take a 26mm with no overhang.

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Hey @woftam,
I just found this reddit review on the xyanide and wanted to see what your thoughts were?

That is a link to mod specs.

Right out of the gate, I really enjoyed the mod. After using it for a few weeks though, it has some drawbacks I think really hold it back.

I can only speak about the mod I was sent, so another user experience may vary.


•Does TC well, Vape seems on point with the same heat range I normally vape in. No noticeable difference between Xyanide and Smoant Charon. (For me anyway)

•Fits well in hand, does not want to slip.

•Tank provided in kit produces great flavor, while the coil lasts.

•Battery positions marked with stickers. Makes it easy to see without my glasses.

•Paint has held up well, after several times being knocked over.

•Display is easy to read, and menu is responsive.

•Supports manual TCR

•Caused no discomfort in my pocket

• Battery life is abysmal. When using provided tank, and vaping at low watts the batteries seemed on par with most 2 battery mods. After switching to RDA, I noticed I was only getting 65 to 70 puffs per battery charge. Compared to other mods using the same batteries, that is pretty terrible.

Puffs were at 70 watts, approx 2.5 seconds each. In TC with larger builds (2x tri core fused claptons from AVS), the battery life got so bad that I simply gave up. Sorry.

The voltage meter only seems to read in 0.3 volt increments, and this mod cuts off at between 6.7 and 7.0 volts. I also tried switching the batteries to my Charon (which some people say has a cutoff too high) and I get another 20 to 25 puffs before the Charon will not fire. My Charon has everything default.

•The battery indicator is between a quarter and half full when the mod no longer fires. Again, not good at all. I dont like guessing how much power I have left.

•Liquid condenses in the design on top of the mod, and frequently needs cleaned. I am picky and that bothers me. May not be a problem for everyone.

•Bottom of mod is not flat, and that makes it very easy to knock over, even on a flat and level surface. Highly annoying when reaching for my mod while gaming.

•Does not have presets for many metals in TC.
• The coils each only lasted for 4 days each. I primed them, stepped up, and did not take long hits. There is no good reason the coil life should be so bad. I also used my own homemade juice, free of additional sweeteners. After 8 days with their coils, I put on my RDA, and the flavor is still pretty good after 8 days with no cotton switches. Using Azeroth RDA with 3 coils. (Basic 22g kanthal 5 wraps)

For TC I used Dead Rabbit and Druga RDA. Rabbit had coils from AVS. (mentioned above) And I did some basic spaced coils with 22g SS316 in the druga to get close to .2 ohms at room temp.


It is a good looking mod that I can see using in your house, when in close proximity to a battery charger.

Other than that scenario, I really wouldnt advise getting it. If you are a 70+ puff per day vaper, having extra batteries with you will be a must. I always carry 2 spare sets, and Im glad I do.

I cannot tell anyone how to spend their money, but I honestly feel that there are better mods in that range, and cheaper. It looks like the kit will be about 70 dollars, and vapordna.com seems to have them in stock.

Edit: Batteries used were LG HG2 brownies.

After much research, I’ve brought it down to these,

-Smok Majesty 225w TC (Blue Resin)

-VooPoo Drag- (Azure Resin)

-Smoant Charon 218w

-Loch Ness Envii

-Smoant Cylon 218w

-Snowwolf XFENG 230w

I found the Loch ness in a last minute grimm green video and he was hyping it up and it looked really cool but something to keep in mind.

Anyway, thanks for the advice.

Well i dont have the tank so I cant answer to anything regarding it there are a few points that are made there i agree with. All the pros are on point

Battery life is not bad for me but I have it in a rotation with a few other mods so i dont really notice and have not checked on the battery life.

The battery indicator is not the most accurate i have ever come across and i do get the check battery at around 1/4.

Liquid condenses in the design on top of the mod, and frequently needs cleaned. I am picky and that bothers me. May not be a problem for everyone.

Yes this is a con for sure it is not super bad but it does happen.

I have not tipped it over yet with a 20ml aromamizer plus on top (it is super top heavy with this tank) i can see how it would be an issue.

Not fussed with presets for metal as i generally set my own and only use ss 316l so it is not something i have looked at a whole lot.

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thanks for responding, heres to hoping my local shop has at least one of these in stock, phffft lmao


I dropped my alien after it started wanting to vape on its on. In the middle of the night.

The Smoant battlestar is good.

I now doing the reuleaux rx300. It’s a beast and I carry it around everywhere even thought it weighs 15 lbs.

First day I had it I was doing yard work and put on the back of the Tahoe. Forgot it was there and took off to Home Depot. Reached down to pick up my first drive vape and realized what i had done. It hit asphalt and destroyed the coil, but that was it. Has one little nick in the body. I’m hard on them.


Im a bit wary of the Smok’s since I’ve had 2 now that I’ve had problems with. Besides the dying Alien , I had a Smok GX350 that arrived inoperable with a dead screen. It was replaced but left a bad taste in my mouth so to speak.
I can’t comment on the rest in your list since I don’t have any of them but makes me wonder the lifespan of most mods out there and how long they should last on the average???
Also, I like that you support your local vape shops but most mods can be gotten way cheaper online. js :grin:

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have it and love it , i actually have two one unopened the leather wrap is starting to come off which can easily be fixed

havent opened it yet but looks and feels great

i still like the battlestar the best , smoant has become my favorite company for mods in that price range

Ended up going with the cylon. thanks for the assist everyone!


great choice anything smoant has been super for me

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I loved my Alien 220 - well at least for the two months it lasted :frowning: .

Bought the Geekvape Aegis and then their GBOX squonker shortly after - to be honest (probably in the minority here) I’ve found the build quality and reliability of Geekvape products to be excellent so far.

That said, damn do I miss the fire button on the Alien.

That fire button…that trap door, definitely changed me mind against magnet doors.

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If you missing the alien get an Ipv eclipse. Its has a similiar firing bar a high quality yihi chip and it wont crap out on you! Oh and not one chip/scuff on the finish yet either :wink:

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Still very happy with VapeyMama recommendation Reulaux RX300.

Few months later and I’m still rocking the Smoant Cylon. Awesome device :slight_smile:


My battle star died 6 months ago…got wet at the beach :frowning:

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