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R.I.P Alien 220w, You were a great mod. :(


Welp, my alien is kicking the bucket slowly, and its a sad thing to watch. Where its kicking the bucket, but not quit kicked it over yet. It’s falling apart at the seams, but I got it on pre order a few years ago and it was a my daily beater. My pride and joy.

The clicky button that was too big, but just right…

The tight battery compartment with the shot-gun loading mechanism.

The screen that would light brilliantly… and yet, its falling away now.

I don’t know if I can bear getting another one, or if there is something new on the market now adays. I have an aromamizer (v1) and a velocity clone, with basic coils. I focus on mixing juices instead of the hardware side but dang, this thing really got me good, I was really pleased with my set up just to see if die :frowning:

Anyway, thanks for the advice, I would like to keep price point below $50, and don’t need special features.


Eleaf istick 200w tc, it’s a three battery mod you can find for around 20-30$, if you don’t care about temp control or customization upload the Arctic fox firmware to it anyway, if nothing else it gives you different profiles for your atty’s So you don’t have to change wattage every time you put a new one on, plus it reads coil ohms and switches to the profile that fits whatever atty you put on it automatically.


i liked the alien as well , but im in love with the smoant battlestar its a perfect mod, i actually got the smoant charon first and thought that was a great fit but the battlestar beats it imo


battlestar with cleito top


I don’t know how I feel about the mangetic door. the mod I had before alien was an IPV5 and that brick scarred me haha
I’m gonna give a trip to my lvs and see whats up, anything other recommendations? things I was looking at was the realuex gen 3 and the g320 mod as well


can i ask why ?


Innokin is coming out mid April’ish with a dual battery mod. May be worth a look.

And although I’m not a fan of what voopoo did or don’t do to Tony b and your really trying to stay within the 50 range…yup I said it. A drag.


well, it was just bad exp with the ipv5 which had poor attached doors and then weak magnets.


No magnets on the eleaf, can’t say about the door attachment though, I’ve only had it since Christmas but no problems yet.
Edit: removed link to out of stock product


The eleaf 100w had magnets, and the 200w had a spring latch.


I know it is bigger than the Alien 220w, but hey, it will have longer battery life with 3 batteries, and it’s on sale for $9.99!!! I have personally ordered from ecig-city.com many times and have never had a problem with them. Only thing is, because this is on sale at such a low price, all sales are final…no refunds!!! You said you like to spend your money on DIY supplies instead of hardware, so I think this may be the cheapest you will find, but there are a lot of Easter sales going on now as well…


My alien kicked the bucket as well after a year of hard use. It was a BD gift. I tried a method on youtube that brought it back to life for another short go around but didnt last long so Im gonna let it go. I do have a Battlestar that’s been sitting neglected for a long time so may fire him up.
My IPV mini is still hanging on. It was my first mod. Gots to give it props for lasting almost 3 years. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ended up with the Telsa Nano 120w. Apparently the vape stores in my area all don’t want to carry the alien, the smok marshall, the eleaf ikonn, and the kits all were …well…over priced. I went to my favorite shop, (lack of inventory), walked out, called local shops, they didn’t even stock it.

So I ended getting the tesla nano, awesome so far.


That’s a great looking mod, I almost got one back in June or July, vapewild had them on sale for like 40 bucks, at the time I was vaping around 120 watts though so I didn’t get it…now most days I’m vaping around 50-80 watts and wishing I had some of that steampunk style😢


After using it for the past 5 hours, its slowly replacing my arm in my alien’s absence, I vape mostly at 0mg now a a days because I wanted to quit smoking and now that i’m here, its a flavor hobby I’ve been really fond of.

“what kind of stuff do you like to do?” -asked by a co-worker
“uh…I…uh…collect flavor concentrates and argue about the best percentages to use them at”


would you recommend the tesla 120 ? i found it for a good price , although i really dont need another mod right now i figure i could put it away for the future


I had to return it due to some manufacturer defect, If it were for a show vape, I’d get it, it looked great but I had to return it. On the market again.
Looking for the Voopoo Drag 157w with Resin or the SMOK Majesty


ahhhh that sucks hope you find something that makes you happy


Great company, mod, and price. The company is awesome cause although I told them I pretty much ran over the original IPV8 that I won online (emailed Pioneer 4 You about a fix & paying for it - they directed me to this CA company that does all their US warrantee work), I inquired about a replacement at a discount and long story shorter (ahem) KMG replaced my accident for shipping with a brand new one…been using it as a primary driver for over a year…great mod ! here ya go: ($35.99 on sale) https://kmg-import.com/product/pioneer4you-ipv8-230w-tc-box-mod/ - other recommendation Tesla Invader 3 …serious no BS wattage device w/potentiometer, no screen necessary.



Pioneer 4 you, wowzah, they are still around? I thought they fizzled out around the ipv5. that thing was brick