R.I.P JuiceDb.com

Was a site, like a IMDB, for vape juices. It had a great database and review system for flavors, down to profiles and even similiar juices.

Now, it’s …checks notes… a…Anabolic Steroids website!?!?!

R.I.P, sweet prince, you were an outstanding website that helped me find similiar juices, and also find the flavor profiles of juices that the newbs were asking for so I could help clone them for them.

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I remember them well. No other juice site like it. I can’t believe what you just told us…steroids?


Yeah, i thought I clicked on an ad site, but it was legit the same, even went back through google and search-engined for it:


Oh thank goodness someone smarter than me internet archived it:
Electronic Cigarette Juice / E-Liquid Reviews (archive.org)

If you are a new mixer, open this link because it was one of the go-to resources to keep in your favorites tab for mixing.

People would be asking you "can you clone (some random juice name) and you’d be like…I have no idea what “Bubba Bazooka Boom Boom” is, that could be 3, no…4 flavors, off the top of my head, That could be a rocket pop, bubble gum or a forest fruit mix.

Anyway, the lesson is, some brave soul saved us, and yall can still witness it’s greatness and see time frozen.


Looks like they were looking to purchase a domain and the existing name fit their profile just right, lol. And we all know what db stands for. I hope so because I’m too pure to say it out loud. What they’re selling are highly potent prescription drugs online. Hope they require a doctor’s Rx, at least.


Really, really sad to see that site gone.


Welcome to ELR @mr_cumulus If you’re here because your favorite juice sites are disappearing or not delivering to your state anymore, we have a throng of mixers here that would be glad to help. That’s throng, not thong…
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Thanks for the welcome! Luckily I’m in a state that protects tobacco users and hasn’t taken any shots at vaping. I actually started DIY in 2013, I’m back from a long, long break. Kind of worried about the feds banning or restricting nicotine base so I’m hoarding it in my deep freeze.


Which state is that if you don’t mind me asking?

2013 for DIY is a good long time. I just started vaping around that time. I did everything else diy except for mixing juice. It was my last hold out because I thought I would suck at it…and I did, lol. I decided to get serious around 2018 and joined ELR. I found it to be a massive amount of work and refused to SFT, thinking I could get around it somehow. Naturally, I threw in the towel. Later on I had a revelation that I was being a lazy brat and decided to change my ways. Fortunately for me, the folks here are dedicated and willing to help others. After a long break I returned with “pen and paper” in hand determined to do my homework. Geez, I wasn’t planning on giving you my diy life story, it just popped out of me.



I tried to avoid single flavor testing at first, too. And it kind of worked back in 2013 when I made very simple recipes with the most popular flavors of each type, but now that I have a bunch of different variations of everything I have to look at them all individually. Just got in a bunch of OOO that I have to dilute into little 4 ml bottles for testing. The worst part of new flavors, haha.