Rainbow sherbert (tfa/tpa)

I want to use my rainbow sherbert tfa/tpa also what do you prefer as a single flavour% for this particular flavour/brand.

So I’m attempting to test rainbow sherbert (tfa/tpa) also idk if it matters but im using 3ml bottles for these tests


When I tested it as a solo I mixed at 10% but my notes mentioned that might have been a bit strong.
Subsequently I have used it in recipes at an average of 4% which seems to give me the general taste I’m after.

Personally I like the concentrate.


When I SFT I start all my tests at two percent. Drip and taste. Starting low alllowes me find where I can start tasting a flavor then bumping up about 1% for each test. I will keep bumping up till I find where it tastes best to me and keep bumping up till it mutes. It’s a PIA and slow process but I learned minimum, where I like it best and how far I can push it. Also learn where in a recipe that flavor belongs.


I started this one at 4% it would be good mix to a recipie but it wasn’t nearly as strong a flavour as i expected. It would be very time consuming to start at 2% but its a good method. Other flavours 4% is way too strong to start at also. So I get what you are saying

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Normal flavor house’s (TPA-CAP) I May start higher. That’s where the notes come in but I start well below what is recommended. Super flavor house’s may start at .25 then work up (FLV-WFSC,MB) Always keep a note book and note each increase when you taste a flavor and each increase till it mutes itself. I use only one 15 ml bottle to increase %. It’s time consuming but tells much. Can it be a main flavor (top note)? Is it used to accent your top note? Is it a dry or juice. I keep all the information in a spiral notebook as I go. I keep a notebook for each flavor house. It’s easier for me to put it on paper than have to search each flavor. Nothing more than my thoughts as percentage increases. It tells me where I like it best not a average of other people’s likes.


This like VTA Fizzy Sherbet?

I’ll have to mix that solo to try it out one these days.

First and only time I’ve used it in a mix was with Capella Cola to add some psuedo-fizziness, and that’s actually been steeping 2-3 weeks so it’ll probably be good to have a go at now.

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In a word no.

Similar but Fizzy Sherbet leaves it for dust.