Rainbowvapes ship only to the UK now

This is what they emailed to me:

Rainbowvapes Tue, Sep 21, 4:52 PM (1 day ago)
Sorry we only ship to the UK now. Brexit has made it very difficult and uneconomical and unviable. Thanks for your business and sorry for the inconvenience

Yeah great who needs business with the 27 closest countries if you can make gazillions just locally. Why have they bothered to sell outside the UK before I wonder?
It’s now pretty much impossible to order from outside the UK. No more food allowed, everything needs a declaration what’s in it and it takes longer.
A friend has to give up her company because its just too much for her to open a European branch which is essential now if you want to sell to any EU country.


This! The way isn’t that hard to find if we look at Chefs, but others just don’t see an opportunity here, but rather just obstacles. Part of the reason is that probably they had a very small number of international orders lately and they just gave up now; similarly they haven’t even tried to find affordable international shipping, while this was never an issue at Chefs (and that is of huge importance since relatively to the products shipping is very expensive). Nomnomz for example is within EU customs agreement (and thus no import taxes are charged), but they charge you outstanding 20 pounds for shipping now which is a pure robbery (on top of much higher prices of products than before; i assume they have lost at least 95% of international orders in the last year compared to the previous year). If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse or give up.


Good point, but not an option for smaller businesses. My friends in Germany used to buy a lot of stuff in the UK because they had excellent online shops which delivered in 2 or 3 business days and had reasonable prices with a huge availability. Especially bicycle parts. Now an order costs more but the real problem is that it now takes 2 weeks and it’s more complicated so nobody still orders there anymore. Not a single one of my friends still buys from the british shops or ebay vendors anymore. And they are the small businesses I really liked to support. And now it’s all Amazon. Even my old hippie friends buy from amazon.
An old friend recently said to me that she has to work for shit money, too so why worry about underpaid delivery drivers and warehouse workers? What 20 years, 2 kids and a divorce can do, eh?