Rally in PA next Thursday

Wondering if any of you lot are going to this rally they talked about on the DIY or Die podcast. Supposed to be in Williamsport PA or something like that. Info was hard to understand on the podcast, looking for more info if anyone has it.

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Surely we have some ELR peeps close enough for a meetup of sorts. Time to do something besides keyboard jockeying re: these new vaping laws.


So to answer my own question.

FB page for the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1794157820800268/


Monday, September 26 at 1 PM - 2:30 PM in CDT

Harrisburg Capital Rally to be held in the Rotunda.
We will be assembling at 12:30PM. Please utilize the many paid or street parking locations around the capital complex.

Firearms are not allowed in the Capitol Complex.

Vaping is not allowed inside of any Capitol Complex buildings or facilities.

Posters containing slander, foul language, or any other text or images deemed inappropriate will not be allowed.

Please conduct yourselves in a professional, calm, and civil manner while in the march and on the steps.

News media will be covering the event and we DO NOT want to appear to be an uncontrolled mob of angry voters - even though we are :slight_smile:

We’re on the calendar:


So there is some confusion surrounding because of a few factors, I spoke to Chris Hughes on Facebook. He confirmed date and noted the time is shown in CDT, not EDT for whatever reason, so EDT this actually happens at 2pm. I’ll keep checking things out.

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Just heard from Chris Hughes again, he said the rally is at 1pm on the 26th, assemble around 12:30. Something got messed up by the facebook poster with the time zone.


Did you attend this event? I’m curious if there was a good turnout. I hope so.

I went to an event sponsored by Not Blowing Smoke in Sacramento a couple of weeks ago and I was really disappointed that the turnout was so low! My husband and I took the train there - about a 90 minute ride, had dinner and spent the night so we had a good time but the whole point of the trip was this event.

I really almost wanted to cry when I saw how few people showed up. A lot of vapers are not taking any action. At all. Nothing. I don’t understand what it is that people don’t understand. Vapers need to get involved, educate themselves so they can educate fellow vapers and non-vapers about the issues. Pay attention to what your local governments are doing. If you live in a state like California or Pennsylvania where very damaging legislation is pending and don’t feel the need to do anything about it or think other people will do it for you, or that it’s not your “thing” then you are Wrong! If Prop 56 passes and I hear people who sat on their ass and did nothing complaining about it I will have to exercise every ounce of self control to refrain from telling them to shut the %!#* up!

Sorry, I just ranted, didn’t I?

Bottom line: Please tell me that PA vapers have it more together than we do in CA.

P.S. If you ended up not being able to attend, I understand and I promise I won’t yell at you. :slight_smile:

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