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Ram Squonking Box Mod by Stentorian (if you own one read this!)


This morning my Ram quit working. I decided to open it up for a look see. The little wire on the fire button had broken off. No big deal I can resolder it back on…this where I noticed a serious problem.

That little gold cap is where the wire broke off. It was super glued to the fire button as soon as the heat hit it came off. I think any amount of heat will undo this bond = gold cap moves freely and shorts out the mod! Mine is fairly new maybe an hour of use.
Repaired. You can see how close that gold cap on the fire button is to the sqounk tube if it were come off Boom! I glued mine back on with some locktite glue from hell it will never come off again.
Ya the fire button is cheap its all crooked it was like that new =(
Good Luck and be safe!



Did dodge make that box mod? Crap parts covered by a sexy wrapper?



Well hold on there I have one of them, Only thing still working is the Mopar motor, the warping has rusted through and there it sits no use,LOL never buy one again.



But did it look good when it wasn’t a rust bucket?



Yea, I agree, I also never buy mechanical mods in that configuration, to much can go wrong



Ya it’s a train wreck



I have 2, one still new in the box and the other, barely used, good thing to keep a close eye on, I only bought them because they were cheap (under $10 bucks) mine has had little use just because I can’t put down the regulated Sqonkers I have, but with regulations coming and all that I figured I would load up on stuff. Let me give you a run down of what gets used the most.
1 Vandy Vape pulse 80 (updated to 90)
2 Topside single,
3 Istick squeeze 2
4 Topside dual
5 Hcigar DNA 75
5.5 Boxer DNA 250C
6 Lost Vape DNA 75C Sqounk
7 Geek Vape GBox
8 Aleader ( metal frame) 80
8.5 Original pulse mechanical
9 Aspire Revo
10 Cov wraith 80
11. Ram mech sqounk
12. Kanger 160 dripbox.
I am sure there’s more I have forgotten about but that’s the order of use, granted if I am going to work or pocketing something, at home it’s dual driver’s heavy or not, and out or work it’s something light. Very rarely do I need to pick up anything after 6, or even 4 for that matter, but I guess has a lot to do with how you Vape, and what batteries you use the most also factored in is the liking of the bottle, this is just my opinion but I fell pretty hard with the whole sqounk bit, the topsides get the most use at home because of the weight. now back to the Ram as you see it is not that high on the list, sorry for any dis-railment but I have not had any problems because of lack of use. Sorry for the long ass expletive explanation. LoL



is nice project box

Love my Athena after slight modding of course but would tinker and swap out parts on that too.


Love it I’m planning something similar to my Ram =)



Appreciate the post! Truly “community service”. Another one to black list. Amazing what some people will sell.



A very informative and helpful post bud!

I’ll restrain the well earned rant that so desperately wants to escape… But suffice it to say that Smok has legitimate competition in the “new low” department. :nauseated_face:



like mentioned, the enclosore’s looks got my attention whn browsing thru mech squonkers but 2 things bothered me. 1. thers a wire, wires dont belong in mechs imo 2. a wire attached to a moving part dont last too long.



He’s a Mech-O, Mech-O Man
Always has a mech with no wires in his hand.