Ran out of TFA Vanilla Custard, best substitute?

I ran out of TFA Vanilla Custard and have to order more… what would be my best temporary substitution? Would Vanilla Bean Ice Cream be ~relatively~ similar? If it matters, I’m using it in a recipe that is Strawberry with a cream base. Thx!


TPA French Vanilla Deluxe is like TPA VC on steroids, they taste so similar, only the FV Deluxe is more rich and buttery. LB Vanilla Ice Cream tastes similar as well, to me at least. I’m sure TPA VBIC would be a good sub, I’m a pepper taster and that’s why I don’t use it, but I have in the past, you could use it along with another custard like INW Custard to kind of bump up the creamy/custard aspects of it.


Any Custard, followed by:
Vanilla Swirl (TPA)
Creme Brulee/Catalan Cream (?) = Light vanilla custards.
If I’m missing a cream, Bavarian Cream (TPA) always seems to fill the gap.


I would say CAPs Vanilla Custard V1 would be the logical choice. To me, they both have similar taste…with the CAPs being slightly richer.