Ran out of VG

I have worked for the same company for almost 10 years . Monday I was informed that they are going out of business . This was a complete shock for me . So, I am saving what little money I have just in case .
I didn’t realize how low I was on VG . A while back I bought some humco from Wal-Mart but never used it. I was out of my 2 ADV’S Rhodonite and Blue nuts by @Wayne_Walker. After whining for a day I had to use the Humco .
Well I didn’t die,get sick, or run to the bathroom. It actually wasn’t bad at all . So to the people who don’t know if you can use humco . You can and it tastes perfectly fine. I made a shake and vapebto test it http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/583361/Headbob%27s+apple+cookie+shake%26vape … great recipe . Once the Fuji calms down and the cookie and caramel come out it amazing . Anyway thanks for reading


I used Humco in the beginning too, just make sure that the VG you purchase is USP and in the upper 99% range and you should be good. I wouldnt use it continuously as one doesnt know what it is derived from but it works well in a pinch.

Quite sorry to hear about your loss of employment, i wish you the best in your search for a new job.


Yeah, it’s definitely not something I plan to use a lot, but it’s reassuring that you can use it if need be. Yeah the job situation was a shock for sure . I’m gonna have to keep a better eye on my diy supply . Thanks for replying.

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I am very sorry about your job that is completely inappropriate for them to tell everybody last minute.

As for the Vg I have used Rite Aids VG in abundance and while it’s technically Anhydrous -glycerin ( distilled water is mixed with the vegetable glycerin at an unannounced ratio ) It has never bothered me nor messed with my mixes.

Humco vg Wal-mart made me nauseous Idk why but it’s happened a few times. I hear tell these are bottled and made via the same corporation I don’t understand why Humco and I don’t get along but I am glad you found it works for you.

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Basically I’m a sub-contractor . The company I worked for gets hired by large company’s like Wal-Mart or Sears . Then They hire people like me to do the job. Well these large company’s owe my company 100’s of thousands of dollars . So they pretty much put them out of business . I didn’t mention this but I have 1 full time employee and 2 part time .
I was worried about use the Humco VG cause I heard people have gotten nauseous from it. I live in Missouri and haven’t found any place else that carries it . I’m gonna just have to order some I guess . I don’t really wanna use it all the time

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I didn’t know how lucky I was, I live close enough to a shop that sells flavors, VG, PG, and nicotine to drive there in 20 minutes. They are a little more expensive than online but that’s to be expected. I live even closer to Real Flavors but they don’t have a walk in so I have to pay shipping to get supplies from a place 12 minutes down the road.

yea it’s alright in a pinch, I actually like it but I still buy Vg from Esential Depot & Liquid Barn I get the Palm based and have had the soy based. I actually have had plenty ppl’s Vg and all of it is pretty good and clean tasting.

Well guys I may have spoke to soon . I can’t say for sure it was the Humco VG but IDK what else it could of been . I got really sick …migraine, nauseous, and shakes. It lasted over 12 hours . I’m not gonna test it and see if it was the VG haha . It turns out one of the local shops actually sells VG pretty cheap . It’s weird cause the shop does not mix any juice .

Oh crap, hope your feeling better ! Hope you didn’t make too many batches with the Humco. I had it for a few hours then took a nap and felt better afterwards went and trashed all my batches with it.

Sorry I haven’t replied sooner . No I only made one 15 ml to test it . I felt better the next day but it was pretty rough. I was pretty sick but I can’t say for sure it was the Humco . I don’t plan on testing though ha ha .