Random Stories

So @Dan_the_Man made a comment in the Groundhog Day thread that got me thinking about another ‘just for fun’ thread. Here’s the premise-

How about a thread with random stories from our lives that’s we’ve found interesting in some manner. They can be funny, sad, amazing, embarrassing, boring, or insignificant. Just some true event in your life that comes to mind. Example:

When I was in the Cub Scouts many, many years ago, we had an annual fishing tournament at a scout camp. I was not great at fishing but it was always fun. Anyway, my Dad and I wandered away from the main lake looking for a place to fish that wasn’t too crowded. We came upon a small pond where no one else was fishing and figured we’d try our luck. We caught them every cast, almost immediately. And, I ended up winning first place, which was a Zebco 404 rod and reel combo. First time I’d ever won anything in my life.

Turns out, when we went back to the pond and walked around it, we realized it was actually a MODOT fish hatchery pond and fishing was forbidden. Signs were posted at the front but we’d come to it from around the back. We honestly did not know. I shut my mouth and kept the rod because I was too afraid to tell the truth and was worried I would literally be arrested.

So, a random, not necessarily thrilling, but true story. We all have many of them, I’m sure. Who wants next?


Whoops, replace MODOT (Department of Transportation) with MODOC (Department of Conservation). It would be pretty silly for the department of transportation to maintain a fish stock lake.Unless it was just for themselves, but that would be a pretty bad waste of taxpayer money. And rude.


For paving the road with fish bones?

(That’d mean either the ULTIMATE fishing spot, OR very tiny roads!) :crazy_face:


OK, @Sprkslfly, you just volunteered. Story now!!!


Ok… So. This one time, at band camp, I was getting a bit of head… rattle on my snare. So I had to tighten the lugs!

Put me on the spot will ya!?!! :laughing:


When my husband and I went on our first date, we went to Applebee’s. (Casual dining place)

I was so nervous but I pushed through.

I had run out of things to say so I took my straw wrapper, balled it up, and just kind of flung it at him…

I was aiming at his breast pocket… I hit him in the chin.

I was beyond mortified. This adorable and sweet man had this STUNNED look on his face that seemed to say “did she really just do that!?”

He recovered nicely, it seems. He brought his hands up from under the table and flung his own “ammunition” back at me and we had a good laugh.

To this day, when we go out, even with my daughter (even with other family in attendance lol) we prepare our “ammo” and bombard each other (to the mortification of everyone else at the table)!

We then have to explain the origin story of our ritual to the outsiders and everyone joins in the laughter.


A guy at the store had the hood to his car open , he saw me so being a good Samaritan I ask " everything ok " the guy looks at me and says" i cant find where to put my blinker fluid " I head over and take a look , after a minutw of looking for it I look at him and he has a huge grin on his face …it hits me Im fucking looking for a place to put blinker fluid , we both start cracking up …I walk away and say thanks I needed that…he say No thank you


Same story here only:
Boy Scouts, Rainbow Trout, Serra Nevada fed public streams, Department of Fish and Game Hatcheries.
We just came by in multiple private cars caravan as the hatchery truck was departing.
Throw the line in and pull the fish out. I think they stopped us after a short while. Funny how you never forget things like this that happened approx. 65 years ago.


Another random memory…

One time we went to visit my grandparents. Grandpa was probably mid-70’s at the time. Anyway, at their house on the kitchen table was a small open bag of dog treats. They were sent as a little free-bee in the mail to try to get them to buy them for Sassy (their beloved beagle). Anyway, Grandpa offers one to my father, saying they were a little grainy but not bad. Grandpa about fell off his chair when we told him they were dog treats, not human chow (the packaging was quite clear but he didn’t bother to read it). But he still said “Well, they weren’t half bad anyway!” Silly but funny story.


Okay. I got one.

When I was probably 2nd grade, I took a shuttle to and from school. It was a neighbour car, a suzuki carry extra (I don’t know if any of you know it. It’s a car with the engine under the seat and no nose kind).

I sat in the front seat, and I remember we were going fast but forgot why.

We hit a parked toyota land cruiser.

Windshield was busted, dashboard on my chest, our car was toasted, everyone tried to get me out, but I still remember vividly laughing hard because we didn’t even scratched the land cruiser.

My mom told me later that it was close to miracle that I was alive after that accident, and everyone thought I was laughing because I was dying.


See, our random stories may trigger someone else to remember a random story. @delltrapp’s story made me remember another.

I was 7 or 8. Leaving a friend’s birthday party, we were all on the front lawn waiting for our moms to come pick us up. Anyway, I saw mom pull up across the street, so I happily darted out running to see her.

I did not look both ways before crossing. As soon as I ran out, I remember looking to my left and seeing a massive car (had to be like a mid-70’s Ford LTD or a big Cadillac, I don’t know) and it was coming right for me. He hit me square on the left hip. I remember the following as if it was yesterday, though it was actually more than 40 years ago-

  • Seeing that car (it looked like a freight train)
  • Feeling the hit
  • Flying through the air
  • Seeing 10 adult neighbors with terribly panicked faces standing around me after I was carried to the grass
  • Hearing my mom screaming hysterically
  • Mom told me my shoe flew 100 feet down the street

I had a giant bruise covering about half my leg and thigh, but that was all. I’ll definitely never forget that day. We didn’t sue people when it was our faults back then, so I didn’t get a thing out of it except a learnt lesson.