Rant about the uneducated

I am out in the public (something I am not a fan of doing as it is) and I am waiting for my girlfriend to finish up at her doctors appointment. I am sitting on a bench minding my own business vaping away and playing Puzzle and Dragons on my phone. Of course I am vaping as I have not seen a single “No smoking or vaping” sign anywhere in the vicinity. Its a nice day, about 78 degrees and Im sitting under this lovely tree playing my game and vaping. All of a sudden, from beind me, I hear coughing and id sounded like it was fake. I turn around to see this couple walking down the sidewalk towards me. It just so happens that my clouds are going in that direction as I exhale. As they approach me the woman, Id say she was in her early 60’s, says to me “You shouldnt be smoking so close to a doctors office entrance”. It wasnt so much what she said, it was how she said it. The sarcasm cannons are now loaded so I look right at her and I say “Yes I agree no one should smoke this close to that entrance AND, if I were in fact, smoking, I would not be sitting here doing it”. We literally go back and forth with snarky comments (mine were backed with research and education about vaping) to each other for roughly 10 minutes when they finally get frustrated with my responses and walk away. Now Im about 50-60 feet from the doctors office door and I am doing my best to keep my vape from heading that way but I cannot control the wind. It just really makes me very angry when people comment about things they know NOTHING about. I understand why people might see vaping in the same light that they see smoking. When we exhale, we tend to toss out massive amounts of vapor and to someone not in the know, it looks like a cloud of smoke. I get that. What I dont get is why people feel the need to open up their cake holes offering up their useless opinions when they know ZERO about the subject they plan to chime in on . This is not the first time I have had to try and educate a dullard about vaping when I was out in public and Im sure it will not be the last. Anyone else ever been in this situation before?


Hahah! People… :unamused:

The best one for me was when i was waiting for my son to finish school, I let out a cloud and it drifted to my left, I turn my head and a woman is ducking under it waving her hand, she says “Ooh it got me”…

Then she proceeds to light a cigarette! :confused:


The 2nd hand smoke message that got out into the public and the smokers are scum message of the last 10 years is and has been very strong. It’s gotten into the psyche of the public and is one of the few things people can easily be self-righteous about without fear or reprisal there is no defence legally and morally. Now us vapers come along and muddy those waters greatly. Yet, the funny thing is only we know it’s muddy. As far as they are concerned it’s black and white. For most, and in the West now most don’t smoke let alone vape so the ignorance as you know is two part. It’s a alternative music and also an unfamiliar tempo. Weirds em out the media have caught on to this too.

A public education programme is needed, do your bit and explain to your friends & family how good it is and hopefully it’s a message that can spread. It’s a fight.

Remember we all are representin’ so do us a honour and do it respectfully. Not aimed at this case in particular but we have to be the bigger people unfortunately and hold their hands gently while we teach their feeble minds we got too many powerful enemies as it is and we need a billion small victories good luck sofliers. We have our own and others lives to save.


I am always as respecful as possible when delivering my sarcasm to people I do not know. The goal isnt to offend its to drive a point home. But, as with most cases, people do not pay attention or bother to be knowledgeable about a subject before opening their mouth. Every shot fired at me by this couple got met with intellect, knowledge, sarcasm and a little bit of disdain. But I didnt insult them or even try to belittle them. All I wanted to do was explain vaping but for the most part, it was like trying to explain orgasms to a 5 year old.


I LOVE IT! My thoughts exactly!! Didi a video on this very topic on my YT channel and got tons of shares and comments. People have NO idea what they are talking about when they bitch about us vaping! They need to get a clue! How about that nasty-ass cologne or perfume they wear that they subject everyone to? Wanna talk about offensive???


I also try and avoid the public like the plague but I have also had the same experiences. Like yourself their actions determine my reactions , for the most people do not want enlightenment … they simply want an argument.

I could not agree more!


I’m having difficulties in public and at family functions. Not a smoker but still feel like an outcast.

Went to Chapel Hill last week for some shopping and was sitting in my car and blowing a few clouds out the window at Trader Joe’s. Several stares from passer-bus with a real shitty look on their face. I just wanted to go home and vape in privacy. I shouldn’t feel this way.

Absolutely, Where I work they allow me to vape when I want, My desk is up front and pretty open so it’s no mither, in fact they’re cool with anyone vaping, I’ve got that many people at my work off the cigs and onto my liquids i think they’re scared they’d start a fucking revolution if they tried to ban it, anyway…there’s a guy at work, he suffers from…how can I say it…‘personal hygiene problems x 10’…he walked through the door near my desk just as I’d expelled a thundercloud and he walked right into it and sort of had a little paddy “fuckin ell pugs cough cough cough” …to which I shouted “Oh shut the fuck up I’ve just made you smell better you dirty soap dodging tramp”…just as 2 female clients he’d brought in for a meeting followed him through the door, purple faced trying not to laugh, turns out one of them was a vaper, bought a bottle off me on the way out :wink::+1:


Ahahahahaha!!! Awesome.

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Oh Pugs thats awesome. I had to read that to my girlfriend who also got a kick out of it.


I love it!! SWEEEEET!!!



This is so fitting due to an event that happened this week. I was visiting a client at their home and stepped outside for a vape when their in-home worker comes out and starts to lecture me about the dangers of vaping. He start spewing the usual argument about anti-freeze and such and I don’t say anything but keep blowing my clouds. The worker gets more and more frustrated and starts raising his voice and going on about how they put the vape ingredients into railroad ties (???) and as he takes his hands out of his jacket pocket, out comes a glass meth pipe and shatters on the sidewalk. I start to grin and and say “listen you fuck, shut the hell up and get off my agencies property. If you aren’t off in 30 seconds, I will call the cops, have you arrested, report you to Adult Protective Services and will make sure you lose your job.” He popped his head inside, said “I’m leaving” and ran off. I had to stay with the client for a bit until a new worker was dispatched and called APS anyway. Hypocritical little shit…


People don’t like to have their opinions challenged. We must have all been there, you get half way through your spiel about how vaping is not the same as smoking and they get that look on their face that can be interpreted as “well you would say that you`re a vaper”.

And its not just the non vaping public that have that attitude, I stopped going to vape meets partly because Id be half way through explaining the importance of battery safety or some such and I just knew the guy was going to go out and buy the cheapest torch mod match it up with fake batteries and coil his rda with something more fitting to the end of a crane jib than in an atty,

My mantra is - clever people do not learn from their mistakes … clever people learn from the mistakes of others


I had a situation very similar to yours that was actually the impetus that got me looking into vaping as an alternative to smoking. The wife and I were at the Maker’s Faire in CA and I had stepped away from the crowds to have a cigarette. I was well past 30 feet away from people and had the wind at my face, blowing my evil and foul second-hand smoke out into the parking lot. Two other people joined me at the fence line, and as we were puffing away a woman walked directly towards us and sat down on the grass maybe 10-15 feet away from us. She then started in with the melodramatic coughing, waving her hand in front of her face and shooting us daggered glances. When it became apparent that we weren’t going to stub out and scurry away from her mighty SJW act, she then started berating us about second-hand smoke and “the children!!” Words were thrown back and forth, and I took my leave, lest I decide to favor her backside with a boot.

When the Faire came the following year, I had made the switch from smoking to vaping. I still would look for a quiet, unobtrusive corner to vape as I’d always tried to be a courteous smoker before I made the switch so why bother people with candy-flavored clouds? I’d stepped away from the crowds to have a vape, when who should happen to waltz on by coughing and wheezing at the clouds of vapor that were blowing in the opposite direction? In a crowd of nearly 10,000 people, I get stuck with Little Miss Hackalot! I didn’t even bother with a word-the grin on my face said it all.

Some people just HAVE to shove their noses into other peoples’ lives.


Im considering telling people that they don’t want to smell the normal air I breathe. Vaping is quickly becoming another thing I don’t even consider what other people’s opinions are anymore. Don’t like it don’t stand in the cloud, dipshit.

The TSA agent leaving Cali this week told me it was 10000x worse than smoking and full of ammonia. (I really don’t do this stuff often, but it had to be done because many were present) “I don’t know where you got YOUR PhD from, but my school says yours is wrong.”

I’ve largely stopped trying to educate people, before that I stopped expecting people to educate themselves. I am actually beginning to root for global warming, a big meteor, or maybe Yellowstone blowing to speed the hell up at this point. It may be time to give the cockroaches a shot at recolonizing the planet.


If everyone switched to wide bore tips, it may hurry things along…