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Raspberry and berry custard


hi im new to mixing tryed to make a raspberryandberry custard but when i came to vape it all i could taste was pretty much was vanilla custard i used inwera raspberry inwera shisha raspberry and capella berry and was really disapointed can anyone tell me where i went wrong look forward hearing from you more experienced mixers thanks john best


Maybe post up the recipe with the percentages to help the pros out.


Not enough steep time or too.much cream could be a problem. Custards like at least 3 weeks, if not more


What @TheTinMan said. What flavor,Percentages of each flavor, Vendor used, ie; TPA,FA…The rest the Pros will hook you up, I’m sure !! GL to you and welcome @johnbest


im at work when i go home insend you the pecentages thanks for you help


I gave it 3 weeks I did use a lot cream how high should I go with the rapberry and berry what percent

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I am not sure about that. But in my personal experience. I have done one part cream to three or four parts fruit. Most creams are super strong after they mature. I am no expert and there are others more qualified to answer. When a specific recipe is posted i am confident you will get the help and advice you need. Until then, do not give up. This is an art, not a science. Well, unless you are a chemist hahaha :sunglasses:
I am def not a chemist!


Always the best place to start… it’s literally FULL of useful information.