Raspberry Jam

My favourite Eliquid since I started vaping has been Just Jam Raspberry.

I feel though that with all the new flavourings that have been released since this eliquid was released that it can be made 100 x better.

Does anyone one have any tips for making a good jam recipe.

I’m finding it difficult to get that Jammy mouth feel. The Just Jam Raspberry nails it and to me it feels like you actually have Jam in your mouth even the seeds.


If I were to try to make a “jam” recipe, I would look for flavors that had a syrupy, jammy type feel. There are flavors that you would not expect to have that. Some names aren’t accurate to the flavor. Fa does have a candy/jammy wizard, I’ve not tried it. Vape Train has raspberry jam but it’s rather thin, so you’d have to add another syrupy raspberry. I suggest single flavor testing raspberry flavors because taste is so subjective. Off the top of my head, Capella Shisha Raspberry has a rather syrupy/jammy aspect. Also Raspberry gummy and raspberry jelly bean WF, nice raspberries with the gummy having a thick dense feel and the jelly bean having a syrupy dense feel. I’ve had better luck with strawberry or blueberry jam because most of the raspberry flavors I have are authentic or floral.

I hope this helps a little. Start with VT raspberry jam and build it out.


Thanks, yes i have a bunch of Raspberry’s including VT Raspberry Jam, the others are,
FA Raspberry
INW Raspberry
TFA Raspberry Sweet
SSA Premium Raspberry
SSA Raspberry Syrup
NSC Raspberry Jam
INW Shisha Raspberry
NSC Raspberry

Also have the below as i have read that these are good for giving the jammy feel,

FA Honey
FLV Jammy Berry
CAP Jelly Candy
FJ Lemon Juicy


Good one

Another good one

Another good one

I love premium raspberry, it’s probably one of my favorites, but it’s pretty realistic for a jam. Those are all good raspberry flavors to build out a jam. You could add a touch of OoO sb jam if you have it.


Yes I have that too, I’ve tried it at 0.5 and I get a buttery taste that I don’t like.


I see, I do get that buttery note as well, but I don’t mind it. The few flavors I named would be worth checking out. I’d definitely single flavor test them because they grow and steep out to get the texture.


Lots of really good raspberry but they all fall short and need help in one way or the other. FLV Red Rasp is one of the best to add to others that make the rasp complete


Inw raspberry Malina is really good, but VERY strong. Mb pink raspberry is great as well, but it’s more of a candied raspberry, & I’m not sure if mb is still selling it or not. I’d give Malina a try. I get a very syrupy raspberry, that can easily be pushed into a jam.


Thanks everyone for the replies and ideas. I have a long weekend off work this week so I’m going to mix up a few different mixes and see how they turn out.


Have you nailed a Just Jam Raspberry clone? I took a venture to clone the original Just Jam, as that’s my favorite! Here’s one that got me close, but I just couldn’t nail it, even though what I made tasted yummy. I ended up finding a one shot for it, which turned out to taste different at 20% (how they recommend mixing it). I suck it up and order a 200ml from the UK every 2 months or so (I use it sparingly).

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Thanks for the reply.

No I didn’t. Unfortunately I may have to do the same as you and buy the one shot.

It’s disappointing but I’m now at the point where I’m fed up of trying. I don’t think it’s possible to get that same authentic jam taste.

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I have no idea what they use, but it is one of a kind, definitely deserved all the recognition it got when it came out.

Also, I’d recommend staying away from the one shot. At least for the original, the one shot didn’t taste the same as the 200ml bottles I’ve ordered. It was like something was missing, wasn’t as jammy as the premixed bottles.

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