Raspberry Mint needs some love

I have a rather simple recipe that I’m coming back to often:

  • Raspberry (FA) 10%
  • Mint (FA) 0.25% (or even less sometimes)

I wonder how to develop it further. I could creamify it or do a combo with something complementary (sicily lemon?).

Any suggestions?

10% Berryl (Raspberry) - Flavour Art?
In my opinion seems like a extremely high percentage in mix?
Anyhow yes I agree Lemon Sicily (FA) would be a nice pairing. You could go a couple different directions here. Maybe a lovely Tea type base or possibly Catalan Cream (FA) because it is not overly sweet and has the nice spice undertones.


Yeah, I just now checked what % are recommended to Berryl, nevertheless it wasn’t bad ;).

I’ll pass on the tea (not a fan) but creaming it sounds good. For now I have only Greek Yogurt (Cap) and Diary Milk (TPA). I’ll be on the lookout for Catalan Cream but IIRC my local Vape Shop doesn’t have it.

Thanks for the feedback :).

What kind of atty/coil/device are you using? Is it just straight MTL 1.8ohm 8w? I do agree with @Mark_Turner that raspberry seems pretty high.

I would try dropping it down to a much lower percent and adding a second raspberry. Maybe a Wild raspberry MF. Or any other raspberry

You could also try a hidden dash of strawberry FA at 0.25-2%. You may also try dragon fruit tpa at 1%. Both if these may help to fill out your raspberry with another red flavor. Try to keep the percent low…if you want a hidden red flavor and not create a raspberry’n’strawberry.

You could also try bannana cream la …but then again with mint that may be yucky.

Cuboid, Troll v2 RDA and Battlestar RDTA, Kanthal coils .15 and .25 respectively, regular cotton. Running at 50W. I also have a spool of SS Clapton for TC but I grew tired with rebuilding coils each week or so.

I’ll look for another raspberry, already dropped down the FA one in my recipe. Will remember to match flavour colors :).

I’ll pass on Banana Cream, the mint would make it unbearable for me :).

Thanks for the feedback!