Raspberry WG INW vs. Raspberry INW

I was doing a bit of window shopping and noticed that inawera has a wera garden version of raspberry as well as a regular inw version. Does anyone know what the differences are between the two?

I got the normal one, Raspberry [Malina] - I’d be wary of their alternative ones, some are just way too potent. I have wild strawberry for example, and it’s not usable beyond 0.3%, and at that even it has a weird grassy taste, like a green strawberry.

Their standard raspberry is good, but also very strong, you only want to use it at 0.5 - 1% max, or it’ll just take over a mix


Hate to bring up this old thread but I have a similar topic I just will expand it from Raspberry to Strawberry now :wink:

So INW has 2 different Wild Strawberries one is their original made in their line that has the golden drop
the other is by their TDM line Tino D’Milano… ( Word is TDM used to work for FA who knows if that’s the truth)

Wild Strawberry INW- extremely potent probably the strongest concentrate on the market that I’ve used yet. Very " green" tasting SB that is not sweet at all…wild is a mild way of putting this one.

Wild Strawberry TDM INW- Potent but no where near the concentration as the original. Also while the "green " note of the original that is really hard to get around in this one it’s been replaced by a honey note very slightly floral but the honey is really nice on this one in a mix at 2% the strawberry is creamy it’ll help boost other SBs as well. Just wanted to put this out there as in the database it didn’t list it and I was a PITA and I listed it as Wild Strawberry Tino D’Milano @JoJo hope to not give you work girl i promise was trying to eliminate confusion between the two.

here’s a link showing the 2 types http://www.inaweraflavours.com/en/search?orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=wild+strawberry+&submit_search=Search

And as for the Original Post…Raspberry WG is super concentrated…it may rival wild Sb whew it stinks terribly bad. I’m afraid of it tbo.


All good. I changed the name so that it had the Inawera in parens and the Tino D’Milano to TDM since that seems to be the most common way to list it. It might have been on the list at one point and I broke it. Either way, now it’s there and I’ll make sure to watch for it when I’m merging dupes. :wink: