Rating and the number in brackets?

I know that you can search by rating, but there is a number in brackets behind the stars. Now i’m asuming this is the number of times the recipe got rated.
If i’m correct i would really like an option to sort by this number. A five star recipe rated only 1 or 2 times doesn’t say anything, but a 3.5 star recipe rated a 100+ times is a different story and is worth the time to test and be put in a better spotlight.

Anyways its just a sugestion and thanks for the great work already @daath

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The number in brackets is indeed the number of ratings a recipe has received. There’s not currently a way to search or sort by number of ratings, but the algorithm that generates the sort is a lot more complicated than just number of stars or number of ratings. It takes into account both of those as well as number of comments (I believe) and all sort of programming black magic (from what I hear). :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting idea to give the option to sort by number of ratings though.

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