Ratings not working?

Just rated KOPIKO recipe with 5 stars, but it’s not showing up when I search it. (the rating, that is)

Nevermind… .it’s showing now for some odd reason.

Because the ratings are quite complex, I recalculate the score every once in a while. It’s not done on the fly :smile:


So what did you say after so long…now I am uber curious. [and fkn nosey] :smile_cat:

I thought ratings were not working again last night, so I was posting about it. But then realized I was looking at it all wrong, so I deleted my post. :slight_smile:

So, your nose should be fine now. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am just always glad to read what you have to say…and then you took it away…
I felt abandoned like a red-headed stepchild. :sob:

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