RDA for sample testing

I normally use a tank to vape with, but was thinking of purchasing a RDA for mainly (I think) sample testing and for switching flavors for a bit without using up a tank at a time. Suggestions?


Plume Veil 1.5 clone by Tobeco. :smile: Or a Magma. But those are the only two I have, so I would say that. LoL.


Honestly. i test with what i use to vape. Recently i have had to purchase some tanks just to make sure that my liquids will work in them.

Ill tell you right now that if you take @JoJo’s suggestion you will end up using the PV for more than just testing. One of the best flavor/cloud attys out there. I really like my Subtank Mini’s but when i am at home i use my Plumes all day long.

If you are looking to go inexpensive grab an IGO-W from fasttech. Great little atty for testing and made even better with the plastic caps they make for them.

As @JoJo said the Magma. Suggest the Magma built with a single coil. You will have only one cotton to change out with each test. I have mine built at 1.8 to tone it down a bit since my lungs will not take HUGE vapor. I agree with the Magma…


Magma,veritas,derringer,hobo,plum viel all good flavor addys

I cant even tell you the last time i used my Magma, i think ill break it out and play with it again. That thing had some pretty great flavor too. If i remember right my only issue was that i couldnt overfill it the way i can with the PV. Of course that is my issue and not an actual issue with the Magma.

Being it takes a cotton change with each flavor test to avoid tainting one flavor with another, I make it simple with a single coil build. I always change cotton in between each test. Perfectionist, maybe, but as you know, I need to be. You do too for that matter…


I’ll say the Magma is great for flavor and it has really deep wells…I can fit a whole dropper of juice. But I definitely use the Plume Veil with a single coil more than anything else. It has the best flavor and vapor of the few things I have. :stuck_out_tongue: And, if you get the drip tip top cap (Thanks Ken! :slight_smile: ) it makes it super easy to access the deck and refill. That’s my one complaint with the Magma—I have to unscrew the top to access the coil and wells for refilling. I also wound up taking the AFC ring off cuz it was a huge pain trying to line it up every time I screwed the top back on. I suppose if I had needle tip bottles I could just take the drip tip off, but I don’t. So, yeah…there’s my two pence.


Absolutely, before i started to get serious i would just run some pure VG through it a couple times but changing the cotton is just as quick and easy.

@JoJo I love those top caps and the price is awesome! The only downside is that i cant use it when i mow the lawn or it gets floaties and floaties are yucky, hehe. The top caps allow for closed, single or dual airflow.

And as Jojo suggested get the Tobeco PV clone, i consider it the best of the clones of which i have many. The stainless steel deck is great, most of the other clones are gold plated and that stuff flakes off.

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It’s funny you mentioned that, I was holding my mod with the Kanger Subtank on it while I was mowing the lawn the other day. I had it in my hand and it was resting against the handle on the mower as I pushed it. The vibrations from the mower caused my tank to flood real bad, I had juice coming out of every hole. I thought maybe it was just a coincidence so I cleaned it up and tried it again, same thing.

Maybe some of these tanks that have small juice channels need to have a built in vibrator to keep the juices flowing :slight_smile: … an No, I did not mean that in a dirty way. :wink:


You guys are amazing, and really “Johnny on the Spot” with info.

Payday is tomorrow, and I have got to get an RDA, for testing juices. I can use my Kanger Subox RBA, but a regular RDA would be better for testing.

I will add this, if you are even considering the KSubox, == WAIT == .

Mine is giving me problems with the center pin. In another month or so they are releasing one with a spring loaded center pin. I have a few choice words for Kanger, but wont put them here, as there may be ladies present. I know there are some women, but there may be some ladies too,

Now that was funny. :wink: :blush: :smile:

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ROFL! That is hilarious. Then all it would need is an app for Android!

@Noobie_Mixer yeah you will need and RBA/RDA with an adjustable pin. And trust me, most of the ladies around here use the same words that we menfolk do, hehe.

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Oh, I have never had anything on this thing except Kanger stuff, the tank that came with it and a Genitank, and the Center Pin still collapsed.

Maybe Kanger will find a fix for those that bought it early. At least the IStick people did when their product had that problem. IStick 30W was it?

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If i am being perfectly honest i doubt they will fix it. Many companies do this kind of thing which is why one should never buy the first round. It kind of irritates the crap out of me as they most certainly know that a spring loaded pin is preferred by pretty much everyone.

Built to fail, yeah, I get that concept, way too many companies get away with it too.

I despise lawyers, but maybe should file a suit, because it is a manufacturer’s defect, and I am pretty sure it was intentional. Spring loaded center pins are becoming the defacto method.

BTW, found this little gem,

It is a fixed pin, but I am pretty handy mech wise and I will probably have to fix this thing anyway, so I may just do what Kanger should have done.

Think that is a clone ?

China… A lawsuit would never work, unfortunately.

Anything that says styled on FT is a clone. If you havent ordered from FT before make sure you use epacket shipping, read ALL the discussions and reviews. I own one of these exact clones that i bought off FT, not a bad little RDA but the juice well is tiny. If i were to suggest a RDA i would suggest a Plume Veil v1.5 from Tobeco. @JoJo grabbed one from ecigitty i think it was. Absolutely fantastic RDA with an adjustable pin and nice deep juice wells. Provides great flavor/clouds and FT sells a very nice wide bore top cap so you dont have to remove it to see how much juice is in it.

We own almost a dozen PV’s, they are excellent.

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Just wanted to point you onto this one with a GP deck.

This thing hasn’t flaked off at all in the time I’ve had it and you know I’ve butchered the holes to fit larger builds too.

Threads are buttery smooth, AFC holes line up perfectly, the Delrin threading is reversed on this though which had me stumped for ages, post threads are great and never back out, well worth the $9 I paid!!!

Fucking super ATTY my only complaint is that it should have 2.4mm post holes lol.


Of course, hehe. I do wish they had bigger post holes as well. Maybe ill grab one or four. The first one i bought with a GP deck was flaking off in a couple hours.

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My black PV 1.5 (not tobeco) was flaking after the first build, post holes are screwed up and the screws never tighten.

The only thing I liked on my black PV 1.5 was the 5 hole top cap man it blew some clouds.

Now it’s just sitting in my box, standard builds work fine on it but anything bigger than 26g and you can’t tighten down the screws.


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Did you check out those wide bore top caps for the PV that ive posted about? Made of Delrin and they are spectacular.