RDA's for testing new flavors and Tanks for every day use

my small collection goes like this.
Magma - ok experience
Dark Horse - no flavor?
Mutation XS - never could get this to work right for me even now…
Troll V2 - Best dripping experience I have ever had.

I normally use tanks all day long but a lot of people swear by RDA’s so I have tried off and on to give them a shot with moderate success. I got into building my own coils to save money as buying premade coils can really put a dent in the check book. I started building near the end of 2015 and I havnt had many things to build on. my first was a subtank with the RBA section. I have to build for me and my wife so I usually buy tanks two at a time so she doesn’t feel left out lol.
So my tanks are as follows
Subtank mini - pretty good flavor got used to wicking on this.
Griffin 25 - my fav tank to date
Avocado 25 - still working on trying to get this to work for me…

So I was vaping my unflavored base for a while because I was frustrated and in over my head when I started mixing and made a bunch of bad batches trying to mix this and that lol. Plus I didn’t know about this fine community that I am proud to be a part of. Now I am back to mixing flavors and testing single flavors one at a time and taking it slow. Trying to decide on buying a couple more RDA’s for flavor testing… any ideas? Or are the ones I already had good for this? what about tanks? I feel like I need a couple more rebuildable tanks lol I will primarily use tanks because its easier. drive to work and back requires a tank, running around the house with the kids requires a tank lol but when I am sitting and having a few moments of peace I don’t mind using a dripper plus flavor testing is starting to take over my free time lol so I feal like I need to invest in some more equipment.


I use a Quad Flex RDA for flavor testing right now. Before that it was a goon clone (I have 2 and one is still in daily rotation, and I plan to order a few more on my next china order) and before that it was a kennedy clone (wasn’t impressed so glad the 5 I bought were only $2 each lol).

My fave tanks right now (I own a ton of tanks but only tested/used a handful so far) are the Boreas (I own 6 of them) and Billow v3+ (I own 2 of these (will probably get a few more) and 2 Billow v2 I haven’t tried).

Troll V2 is at the top of my list of new RDA I plan to buy so that is good to hear.


I won’t buy a tank anymore that I can’t rebuild… Its pointless to me since I can build and re wick for pennies instead of buying pre made coils and breaking the bank… Suggestions?


My suggestions are as above. The Billow v3+ and Boreas are both rebuildable (RTA). The Boreas is discontinued and they will not be making anymore so if you want to try it I suggest you get a couple before you can no longer find it in stock. The 4 I got recently were from eciggity and they had some in stock last I checked for $20 each.

I have tried a few other RTA and had various issues with each of them so I can’t recommend any others at this point.


I seem to have this convo going in two different places lol I was trying to keep them under the appropriate categories so I wouldn’t get policed lol now I just feel like I’m duplicating thanks for the suggestions!!


i recently bought a Serpent Mini (black)
single coil deck, easy to build and wick - it’s designed for flavor.
here’s what i liked about it

  • finishing quality = Super : threads so smooth, easy to unscrew to take coil out, or remove top to refill… finishing quality is a big factor for me. i don’t like to have to fight the tank to get to my coil.
  • small: it’s a 2 ml tank - so i know i will either re-fill or change juice soon. no commitment, ideal for testing mixes
  • the big plus: zero leak - it doesn’t even get wet :slight_smile:

the SM is my go-to now for testing mixes…


that is the second rec I got for the serpent mini! thank you and @Pugs1970 it is definitely going into the cart now :slight_smile:


just refilled (a new mango kream recipe i’m working on) so let me add another plus

  • i don’t have to close airflow or juice flow to re-fill… i’m trying to get the thing to leak so hard :slight_smile: still can’t
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If you are looking for RDA quality vaping and the portability of a tank you may want to consider looking into squonking mods. I haven’t even considered buying or using another tank since I started squonking.


I keep skipping over that thread just because I know I will get sucked in lol. I am still trying to get the fill of dripping, I am mainly a tank user and have not had the best of luck with drippers yet… the Troll V2 has been my best dripping exp yet… so maybe after I get a couple more and play around with dripping a little longer I might dive into squonking


Good flavorful RDA’s must be Goon (can be used as single coil), Recoil, Apocalypse, Hadaly (only single coil), Reload (can be used as single coil) and there are more out there.

When it comes to tanks my experiences these days are limited since i am an RDA guy entirely but i have heard lot of good stuff about OBS Engine.


Here is what I use every day :slight_smile:

Avocado 22mm: Used with single coil - Easy to build, fast to rewick and with a very clean and good (amazing) taste.
Avacado 24mm Bottom Airflow: Used with single coil - same as 22mm, but a little thicker in taste.
CoilArt Mage Rta x 2: My work horses. Flavorful and faithful :slight_smile:
CoilArt Mage Gta: single coil - a little tricky becaurse of the little space betwen the glass and the chimmey, but the taste … yummi.
Geekvape Ammit: single coil - easy and fast to build and wick … very, very flavorful .

I think the Avoca can work as a testing tank … I can change the wick in a very short moment and then it’s ready to a new flavour.
I look forward to gett the Augvape Merlin Mini RTA :-)))


I’ll give you a third :grinning:


I have used the Bo-Sun rda’s for almost a year , one of the few original rda’s that I purchased.I now have three and do like them.
I recently purchased clones of the Reload and the Apocalypse and I have been really pleased with their performance.I have to give the slight edge on flavor to the Apocalypse , the massive posts fill up the space and it delivers outstanding flavor and the aesthetics are second to none for me.
The Reload is very close in flavor but with the deep juice well it just makes it a pure joy to use.I can simply squirt juice down the tip and never worry about any leaking.I don’t feel it is as pretty as the Apocalypse but it is a little easier to build for me but both are very good and will fit some very large builds in.
I have been a fan of the Boreas for a while and have only recently found a tank that I like better for flavor and that is the Dotmod Petri 24mm rta clone. I am not crazy about the gold bling but it is a classy looking tank and very well made.This has the best flavor that I have found for my vape style.
I think there are lots of great rda’s and rta’s on the market right now so anyone should be able to find something that works well for them.


I’m really happy that you find both the Apocalypse and the Reload that satisfying to use. The next one you need to try is the CSMNT (cosmonaut), it has a post less deck which allow some crazy builds if you are into that.

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I will have to check that one out , I am glad you recommended both the Apocalypse and the Reload they are both very good.
I tried some of the pre-made claptons before and never really cared much for them. I could not get any better flavor from them over my normal Titanium and SS single wire coil builds.

I have since purchased one of the Daedalus coil making machines and started using my own wire and now find myself using larger coil builds .
I am starting to really enjoy a SS fused clapton build.

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I’m just glad that i did recommend something that you really like and enjoy.
I must say the the flavors in these rda’s are superior to any tank i tested this far and that alone makes my interest in tanks minimal.
I am considering a Daedalus as well so i can make the exact coils i want for any occasion and rda.
A bonus with that gadget is that you know what wire you have in your coils which you don’t with every pre-made coil you get out there.

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I am not familiar with an Avocado 25

Nor an Avocado 24 with bottom airflow

But I have had the Avocado 22mm and the Avocado 24mm since they were pre-order. I have several of each, and use at least one of each of them every day. They are excellent for flavor and easy to build/maintain.

If you bought a squonker, like the DB160W , an RDA like the Velocity V2, or Goon, etc, that has the convertible center pin…bought a tank like the Ammit, Boreas, etc. or ANY OTHER ATTY that has 510 threads…or you could use the ones you have…

You could mix and match them ALL however you pleased.

You could sit and scratch your butt thinking…“to squonk, or not to squonk”.


If you pick one up let me know and I can give you a few pointers when starting up , it is a very easy machine to use but some of the video reviews are confusing.I never made any claptons by hand but I am told this machine is slower but for people like me that don’t really want to get that into it or have eye issues this is a very good and simple solution.
They also had them listed on the good deals 2017 thread for less than 40.00 ,that is a bargain.

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That sounds like a Good idea I have been eyeballing that drop box 160 watt mod for a while lol might have to pull the trigger on that… And I stand corrected it is the avacado 24 side airflow version