Reaction from Vaping?

Hi all just wanted to ask if anyone has had trouble with a wet sticky feeling in the back of the throat? It’s almost like mucus and won’t go down or come up, I started to feel this within the first few weeks of switching from cigs to vape and thought it mite be my body cleaning the crap out but, it really just seems to come from know where as I’m not coughing it up from my lungs… Hope some of you mite know what it could be? It’s really uncomfortable :unamused:

I’ve had it . Too much pg was my problem and also not drinking enough water . Maybe that will help


How long have you been vaping? Have you tried not vaping for a day or so to see if that helps? What type of liquid do you use? You might have an allergy to something in the liquid you’re using. I get that when I use anything with koolada in it. Try vaping some straight PG or VG if you can, then add a bit of something else until you come across whatever it is that’s causing it. That way you can try to figure out how to avoid it.

Other than koolada, I don’t remember having anything like this when I first started vaping, but I think I remember other people saying that they did. I’d rule out an allergy first, and then you can decide if you want to keep it up and see if it gets better.


Agree with them ^. It’s mix between the cilia flagella returning from being basically chard off from years of smoking and being new to PG and you may be intolerant to PG or sensitive I myself am and stick to 30-40%.

Stay hydrated !

Spin fuel has a good article on this !

Thank you Amy I will have a read.

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As many of you know I have been vaping for over 2 yrs but i’ve only been making my own juice for a couple of months. My last 2 qts of VG has come from Essential Depot, with 5 more to go, and I mix VG heavy 20/80 is my usual mix ratio. Lately my husband has noticed his noise runs when he vapes. I have noticed and this may be due to my new tank the TFV4, that I am a little congested. I am having to clear my throat and coughing during and after vaping. Has anyone else noticed this kind of reaction and could it be my VG? The VG is the only liquid change. I have ordered from some different flavor brands but it’s not that much. I got some new IDE and Inawera flavors but I haven’t really used them heavy enough to really count yet. I have also noticed a film on the top of my device and the car windows. Anyone got any suggestions or experience with this?

The quote above describes my mixing style exactly (product and ratio). I’m a fairly heavy vaper, but other than the collection of a little back vape moisture on my mods, I haven’t experienced any adverse issues.

This as well…haven’t had a chance to experience a heavy IDE flavoring juice as of yet, but I do have one steeping and almost ready to vape. I’ll keep this in mind.

Thanks for the reply @Jimk. I look forward to hearing what your experience is once you use the IDE flavors. Maybe that is what is different but for some reason I just keep thinking it’s the VG. I have never had a tank that puts out vapor like the TFV4 either but that wouldn’t account for my husbands running noise…Besides I have some kick ass RDAs.

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The only reaction I have since I’ve started vaping is dry eyes. Mostly at night before bed and in the morning when I wake up. Can’t seem to shake it.

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That sounds like the complete opposite and what you might expect from vaping due to dehydration. They say drink extra water but I never have and never had any issues that I know of. Sorry about your eyes though… :cry:

Thanks :slight_smile: I don’t drink water like a normal human but I do drink plenty of Gatorade which is supposed to have electrolytes for hydration. /shrugs

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Are you sure he doesn’t just exhale through his nose? Nose hair + vaping = runny nose :wink:

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Actually a very good point there! I have a beard, complete with mustache, and sometimes when I exhale through my nose, a great amount of moisture is collected in my mustache. So much so at times, I feel like I need to wipe the moisture away. So, yeah, if he’s exhaling through his nose, I can see the runny nose thing happening.

Come to think of it I remember when practicing the dragon exhale my nose ran from the vapor concentrate every single time.

Hi everyone. This is me and my Smaug impression. :grin:


I too experience this in the morning. Every morning I wake up and my eyes are so dry I feel as though there is literally something in them (there is not). After waking and 5-10 minutes of normal blinking all is fine but sure got some serious dryness as I sleep…Perhaps I sleep with my eyes open looking for my vape…lol

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On restless nights when my eyes are closed, I cant seem to shake the dryness. Sometimes it feels like sandpaper to just move my eyes, let alone blink. A quick yawn usually fixes it up quick but doesn’t last very long.

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Sounds as though you are worst than I but I can say in the morning I can most definitely relate to the above statement…