Real Flavor Recipes Thread

I searched and didn’t see a specific thread pertaining to these flavors. So forgive me if I overlooked it. But I wanted to start gathering recipes based on the use of these flavors as I have acquired a large number of them in the past few weeks.

I would like to see WIP’s, finished recipes, recipe ideas, etc. If you have something you would like to share, finished or not, share it here. A lot of us are new to these flavors, so posting unfinished or untested recipes may gather advice for how to use particular flavors.

I am working on mixing a couple tonight then I will share them with everyone. Lets see what ya got!


Bread Pudding (βῆτα)

Ingredient %
Bread Pudding (Real Flavors) 12
Cinnamon Custard (Real Flavors) 2
Vanilla Custard (Real Flavors) 2

Flavor total: 16%

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But im going to have to start this one over. I was testing the mix in a Deadmodz and the flavor was lacking, when i put it in one of my Plumes i realized the %'s might be a little high.

Sample pack i bought this weekend should be here in a few days, and of course after i ordered all the new flavors went live including the Butterscotch Pudding i have been waiting for. If i wasnt a soulless ginger i would be writing this with tears in my eyes. hehe


Insipred by Lauren’s Sancho recipe. a
and made perfect to my palate by Real Flavors.

Sancho's Inspiration

Ingredient %
Peach (Real Flavors) 6
Pineapple (Real Flavors) 8

Flavor total: 14%

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This is a delightful peachy sweet pineapple mix that will be great in the heat of the coming summer.
Simple and very refreshing.


And let me just say this, Vanilla Custard is very good. Ill be doing some mixing with it tonight. These flavors definitely need curing time, while they do taste great from the get go they really blossom even with a week of aging. The flavor doesnt alter much, yet, but as they age they do become more potent.

Example, i heated up some VG to 45c and mixed in 10% VC (RF). Great tasting but very light after i shook the crap out of it and let it cool. A week later and ho leee yum. I may drop it down to 7% and see what happens.


Here is an alteration to the Beta I made

Caramel Banana Cheesecake

Ingredient %
Banana (Real Flavors) 4
Caramel (Real Flavors) 3
Cheesecake (Real Flavors) 5
Cinnamon Toast (Real Flavors) 1
Coconut (Real Flavors) 2.5
Graham Cracker v1 (CAP) 1.5
Molasses (Real Flavors) 1.5

Flavor total: 20%

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I just mixed this up and the flavor at first mix has me thinking this one will change a bit over time. I don’t think the regular Banana is as strong as the Beta Banana. So I may be tweaking this bottle of juice after a bit of a steep. But so far it tastes like it could be a pretty good recipe.


How is that Pineapple? I haven’t mixed with it yet but it smells amazing.


Apparently a couple of UK retailers have shown an interest in stocking Real Flavors’ VG concentrates so hopefully it won’t be too long before we can afford to test them out on the other side of the pond.


Oddly we will be in Brazil and Australia this month… UK is not going so fast.

Also, I will have to share some of my private ones :smiley:

One of my favorites:

Pure Michigan

Ingredient %
Apple (Real Flavors) 3
Blueberry (Real Flavors) 1
Strawberry (Real Flavors) 7

Flavor total: 11%

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Love this one

Mixed Berry Danish

Ingredient %
Cinnamon Custard (Real Flavors) 2
French Toast (Real Flavors) 1
Mixed Berries (Real Flavors) 6
Vanilla Custard (Real Flavors) 2

Flavor total: 11%

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What is wrong with these people?
I’d be snatching the opportunity out of your hands…


Everyone wants samples first, then there is the TPD :stuck_out_tongue:

We just pick up someone in the Netherlands ha… Getting closer :smiley:

Is this my dumb moment? Lol

New EU law on ecigs… It is mega lame

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TPD = Tobacco Products Directive


Wonder who is behind the pressure on the governments to implement these measures?
Hopefully we will opt out of Europe soon?
Far too many rules, regulations and laws are being enforced on the UK!

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Who’s stocking them Walt?

The TPD is probably already responsible for most of the recent surge in interest among UK vapers about making their own juices despite the effects of it not really kicking in for at least another year.
But that ought to be a good reason for flavouring retailers to be very keen to expand the choice of concentrates on offer, not play hard to get.

I appreciate it’s only sensible that they check the merchandise themselves but they ought to be picking up on the enthusiasm in the US market and hassling like hell for those samples.

@Chewy - Don’t forget that until very recently, the UK government wanted full medical licensing of vaping gear and juices and steadfastly refused to listen to reason. It was only MEPs voting down the initial proposal after strong lobbying by the vaping community, that forced governments from the member states to compromise that position and produced the TPD2.

The TPD is dreadful for future vapers and pretty awful for us but it’s a whole lot better than anything the UK government would have brought in on their own!


I agree with most of your points and reasoning but getting a crap deal doesn’t make it a better crap deal?
I would hazard a guess, based on tobacco sales in Europe, that more pressure is placed upon the EU from pharmaceutical and tobacco companies than old blighty?
The problem in this country is education of MPs.
We the vaping community should be sounding out politicians who are sympathetic to our community and see the benefits of vaping.


ok…i received a few bottles last month to try out and the least i can do is speak up, right?
i received blue raz, caramel, cinnamon custard and apple. i mixed each one up and let them steep a month and have so far tried 3 of them. i mixed them up based on the websites recommendations coupled with some words given to me by Walt. here are my findings:
blue raz…15% and with the advice of Walt, tossed in 1% of malic acid. this is good, just the way it is. nice blue raspberry flavoring, candied, of course, and a nice bite to it from both the malic acid and the blue raz itself. i started at 15% and dont thing it needs any fine tuning at all. i wouldnt go either way with it, up or down. 15% may be a bit hi, but for a standalone flavor/recipe/mix/juice, i dont think so…16% all together…i have many recioes with 16%. i made a 30ml botle of this and vaped all of it in 2 days. i WILL be making this again. if you mixed this with other tart/sweet flavors, then of course you wouldnt need the full 15%. i bet, with a few other like ingredients, and maybe a little dairy type support, this would make a fabulous sherbet/sorbet. good stuff…i like this one.
caramel…i mixed this one right away at 20%, and yeah, this was a bit high…its a typical caramel flavor, but i detect a bit of, um, something burnt? or slightly scorched? maybe creme brulee style? not sure…or it just doesnt handle 110w vaping. it smells marvelous and tastes wonderful on the tongue. standalone, its probably not for me, but caramel usually isnt. it would do very well as a caramel additive, mixer, or support…especially if this is your choice for PG sensitive people. its not a candied caramel, not a butterscotch, not a salted caramel. its just straight caramel, with a hint of that burnt flavor. maybe burnt is a bad word, but i’m not sure what word to use here.
cinnamon custard…i went with 20% standalone again and again, i overshot it…this is rich custard and at 20% a heavy taste of cinnamon. we have all heard Ken rant on this one, so we know its good. i will definitely use this as a custard support to CAP VC to achieve a new depth in some of my custard recipes. this will give you a new way of using custard and cinnamon in a recipe without having to risk the FLV rich cinnamon “oops, 3 drops was too much” lol…you guys know what i mean, lol…i like this stuff…
@Walt_RealFlavors, thanks for sending me the blue raz and cinnamon custard, those were/are boh excellent!!!
the apple hasnt been vaped yet, i keep putting it off, because i cant imagine a standalone apple vape as being that good, but i’m gonna do it! i mixed that one at 15% and it does smell pretty delicious, but mostly makes me wanna drive to Kroger and pick up some honeycrisp apples…my favorite! i’ll report on that one when i try it!
thanks again @Walt_RealFlavors and thanks for listening guys!


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