Real flavor strawberry...with green stuff?

Hey so I need a little help from some of you more experienced mixers. I ordered my first real flavors concentrate and was surprised to see a green liquid swirling around in my strawberry when I opened and poured some out. I did give it a shake but maybe not as good for an all VG base flavoring. Has anyone else seen this before? I poured it on to my napkin and took this pic. You can even see some on the cap

@Walt_RealFlavors might know more


Looks like it must have dropped below freezing for some time. We started using the Blue, Green, and Amber bottles to help but Strawberry, and Banana flavors both will turn a bit green (No it is not from the bottle… Honestly I thought that it was for a bit and may have screamed at the wrong people… Oops…). It is due to an ingredient “dropping out” from the blend.

Be sure you shake it up and store it in a room temperature environment. If you would like, contact our customer service and we can get a replacement bottle out to you.


Oh. Well that’s a big relief.It smelled fantastic and I was really looking
forward to mixing with it,but when I poured some out I was concerned I got
a bad batch or something did in fact happen with the green bottle. But if
that’s not the case I’m relieved.
Thank you for the speedy reply, and the clarification. I can’t wait to see
how this vapes out. :grinning: