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Real Flavors Black Label Notes

Id like this thread to be just on the Black Label flavors. Please try and keep comments and questions on the flavors themselves. To make it easier for people to find notes please edit your original post to add new flavors.


P.S. Please, @Walt_RealFlavors, please bring back the BL French Vanilla so everyone in chat can quit hearing me whine about it.


Black Label Banana

First impression:

Clear liquid.

Label State: Natural Flavors in a base containing a mix of Propylene Glycol and/or Alcohol.

Smells like nothing on the back of the hand, off the bottle i can smell alcohol, that is all i smell. 2 drops in 1 ounce of water, i dont know what i am tasting but it isnt banana 4 drops in 1 ounce of water, i dont know whats up with this but both bottles there is no banana taste at all. Odd as the BL Banana Cream Pie is heavy in banana. I figured i might be going the wrong way as this is super duper concentrated so i put 1 drop in an ounce of water, nothing at all.

Think i got a couple bad ones so im going to contact Real Flavors, all i taste is alcohol and PG or PDO.


Black Label Banana Cream Pie:

First Impression:

Light brown in color.

Label States: Natural Flacors in a base containing alcohol (under 3%).

Lots of ripe banana smell off the bottle, hints of light spice. I dont smell any graham. 1 drop in 1oz water and there is a light, ripe banana smell and taste. 2 drops in 1oz water and there is a much more prominent ripe banana and perhaps some light vanilla. 4 drops in a 1oz glass of water and it is full on ripe banana and im not tasting much more than that.

1 drop on the back of the hand and 20 minutes and a hand wash later and i still smell it. Im going to start quite low on this when i do single flavor testing, .25 and .5%.


Nice topic…
While I do have the Black Label French Vanilla I did opt out on the last special RF held, the only item I REALLY was interested in was the French Toast (and I really haven’t used much of the last French Toast v1) But I’d be interested in hearing what others are saying about the Black Label line.

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@Ken_O_Where @CallMeTut

French Toast Black Label (SC) (Real Flavors) 3% (5-25-18) – Was a huge fan of the original RF SC French Toast v.1 so when I heard about a new Black Label, had to try it. This is an improvement on the v.1, as you immediately hit with a delicious buttery bakery-ness that the original didn’t have. This is followed up by some egg as well as some maple syrup. There might be a smidge of cinnamon on the end note, and if so, very subtle. Having been asked quite a bit how this one is different from the v.1 the easiest comparison would be more bread, egg, and bakery. This doesn’t mean the v.1 is better or worse, but different. Haven’t steeped this one yet, so these are all fresh mixed results. Steeping results will be added if noteworthy. With the increased butter, bread, and egg, this one (like the v.1 SC flavor) just seems like a winner all the way around. The maple syrup is in there, with maybe a touch of cinnamon, which just works really well, as a blended masterpiece. There was mention that this had the RF SC Black Label Vanilla in it, and although I cannot pick it out, means it is craftily layered into the mix. 10/10 on this one. If you liked the RF SC v.1 French Toast, you will love this one…


I taste tested the v1 French Toast when it first came out… liked it, but really enjoyed the Bread Pudding (VG version) I was half hoping to see it in the Black Label version. I just couldn’t see pulling the trigger for a 10ml bottle (when you include shipping). I have/had a gift card I won awhile back but don’t believe what I had left on it is still valid ( I haven’t used it and I believe the last time I did I made Walt jump through hoops to get the order processed) or I may have used it for the little order.


I’m placing my order right now! Have you tested this since this post? Curious how its steeping. I know, it’s only been 6 days since you wrote, just curious how it’s going. Thanks for all of your input, man. You’re notes are very insightful :star_struck:

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@Plunderdrum Thank you very much. I haven’t re-tested it yet, but just smelling it (which is not the same as vaping it LOL), it smells richer and fuller, BUT, please be advised, smelling only at this point. During most, if not all of my original, and continued RF SC SF tests, about EVERY one, improved with steeping. Now we’re not taking about going from CRAP to GREAT, but most seemed to have improved strength, fullness, richness, and generally just a much better vape. I’m not 100% sure why this was, as these were NOT complex, multi flavor mixes, but simple single flavor tests. With that in mind, the BL French Toast was so good fresh mixed, the buttery/bakery goodness will probably just deepen, and improve. It’s pretty damned good, literally right off the mixing scale.

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How’s it looking?

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@Plunderdrum I vaped it all up before I got to the long steep, just too dammed tasty to NOT.


Sounds like a win! Thx!

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I just got the small sampler bottles in this Friday (BL French Toast, Vanilla, and Banana Cream Pie)… 3% still look good as a single flavor mix for the French Toast?

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Absolutely. Can’t wait to hear what you think after it’s settled down.

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I read a couple of different posts (one on the recipe/flavor side of the site) where YOU couldn’t wait for the mix to settle out and went on to vape your stash… what gives you even an inkling that I’ll have the patience to wait? lol
EDIT: Finger test is nice with the fresh mix… if it vapes like it tastes I can see why it didn’t last.



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On October 22nd, via the Messenger app on the Real Flavors Facebook page, I had inquired whether the Black Label would still be available on their new website. They responded that “Yes we will be caring the black label again. They are just not on the website just yet as we are working on their production.”

Fast forward to today 12/31/2018. I spoke with Joe (a representative from Real Flavors) inquiring about the Black Label line; as I still did not see them listed on their website. I asked for transparency to whether the Black Label flavors were still in production or if they were discontinued. He stated that “unfortunately they are discontinued flavors”. :sweat::disappointed_relieved: They will not be available on the website or from any re-sellers.


@Leilani this is very sad news indeed, as my BL French Toast runs low. I do appreciate your continued follow up on this, and taking the time to do so, and post up.


@SessionDrummer @Leilani

Not quite dead yet




Just buy up mate - The black label was 2x the price now it isn’t :rofl:


Well WHEN the freekin’ hell was Uncle Walt going to TELL his loyal followers !!! ?? !!!