Real Flavors, Creme Brulee VG vs. SC : Same Flavor?

Hi all, I couldn’t find this through the site search, and notes on the recipe side weren’t helpful.

I already have and love the VG version, but want to switch to SC.

My dilemma is that I already have a couple of orders for a recipe with the VG version in it, and I’m concerned that, even if I dial in the percentage for the SC like a champ, there will be some difference that will junk up the harmony. I’m almost out of the VG, and only want to buy one bottle.

Does anyone have first-hand experience switching these two out?


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I haven’t had that particular flavor, but there are a few RF flavors that I have used both the original VG version and the SC. Once I figured out the correct percentages to use, my recipes seem to taste the same.

But figuring out the right percentages took some trial and error. One flavor that I used 6% of the VG needed 1.5% of the SC to match. A different flavor that I also used 6% of the VG only needed 0.75% of the SC to match.

Just be patient, and try single-flavor mixes until you figure out what ratio to use. Trying to set the percentage in a full recipe will only cause you to waste ingredients.

Thank you! That is just the kind if insight I was looking for.