Real Flavors or Northwest Flavors

I am currently adding the flavors I am getting from Real Flavors into my stash. I see some are listed as (NW). Just as TFA (TPA) is listed as Signature on EcigExpress, shouldn’t we list these flavors as (RF) now that Walt is selling direct as well?

only problem with that is they wont match up when you hit “what can i make”

If @daath changes them in the database they will. I am just curious how I should enter these. I don’t particularly care either way.

I don’t really know. You’re right in they ought to be named (RF) or (RealFlavors) - but there are a lot more (NWF)…
Maybe you should try adding them as (RealFlavors)? And I will merge later… Once I re-do the flavor database it shouldn’t matter :smiley:

Ok, I am only asking because I have 48 new flavors coming. And I will probably buy more. If you update the database they automatically update in the stash right?

If I add mine as RF, I won’t be able to see any recipes I can make. So I guess I should just go with the flow for now?

So I am adding all of these flavors I have now as (Real Flavors). I have seen others adding them this way and I think that would be a good way to name them. I am going through duplicates and suggesting all NWF, NW, RF, and others be changed to this format.

I would assume If you have any of these flavors listed this other than (Real Flavors) it would probably be a big help to daath if you went back through your stash and added the correct flavor formattings and edited all of your recipes and added the correct flavors accordingly. This may be impossible for Amy and others who have a lot of these flavors in their recipes.

This is a flavor that kind of boomed into use here for a lot of us. So I am desperately trying to get on top of this one before it gets way out of hand. Any other input here is very welcomed, because I am sure some of you have thoughts on these flavors as well.

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Actually just leave it as it is (unless you want your recipes and stats to be shown immediately) - if you really want to help, you can mark the version you have as a dupe and select the correct one as the original - I’ll merge them soon :slight_smile:

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I was wondering if that was what you would prefer. Is it helping that I am going through and marking Dupes?

It definitely is - It will help once I start going through the queue again :stuck_out_tongue: ehhe I will get around to it, one of these days!

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No worries. I just wanted to get a jump on it because I am going to have to be a bit creative to find recipes. Unless I add the other versions into my stash temporarily.