Real Flavors Ordering Update (9/2/2019)

"UPDATE Sept 2nd 2019: Real Flavors has suspended retail sales online moving to exclusively to working with our re-sellers and wholesale customers. If you are a wholesale customer, please check your email for information on how to place orders. We are making this move to fix our production times and offer the best customer service Real Flavors was once known for.

Retail Customers: Smaller bottles are available on Amazon, Nicotine River, Bull City Flavors, Ecig Express, DIY Vapor Supplies, One Stop DIY Shop, Vapour Eyes (AUS), DIY Ejuice (CAN), Rainbow Vapes (UK), and The Ecig Shop (UK). We will be adding even more soon."

I just tried Amazon, they haven’t launched the store yet, apparently. Fingers crossed for Prime Shipping! I’m building a flavor order and need lots of RF restocked.


Don’t you get free shipping with big orders from the other shops? is missing from your list.


Yes, of course! :slight_smile: I’ve just been wanting to get fresh-from-the-source bottles of RF recently, though. I have no idea if diyvaporsupply has 1 or 2 year old product in their inventory or not.

They’ve converted Black Label products into their regular product line on a few flavors. I tried asking one vendor if they had the old one or the new one once and never got a definitive answer.


It’s from the RF main site, I just copied and pasted it here to alert the troops.


thanks @Plunderdrum :slight_smile:
@anon28032772 : I’m pretty sure that RF, very sensibly, just listed their major retailers i.e the ones that stock a full range or near-full range of RF.
I know you’re wildly in love with Chef’s but, sorry, it’s the wrong place to go if you’re specifically looking for RF :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re making assumptions. I’ve used Chefs, but so far I’ve placed more orders with other vendors. Chefs is like a last resort to me.
I just happened to be on the site when I posted it to see if they had any new DIYFS flavors.


Thanks for the information. I hope that whomever carries the RF flavor line, that vendors clearly list if the RF flavor is PG free. I’m keeping my fingers crossed (NR & WL do a decent job in this respect).