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Real Flavors Super Concentrates. Really?


If you are not super sensitive to pg as some are have a try of some of the flv flavours some are very strong and you wont need a lot to get strong flavour .

If you give yumberry a bit of time it does develop some.

Try some of SmokyBlue’s flv recipes that may hit the spot for you or at least give you some good ideas/starting points.


If you’d consider quitting vaping without picking up tobacco alternatives… :+1:
Otherwise, I wouldn’t give up just yet because you have a couple set backs. There are other flavors from RF that may work for you and if it’s a brand issue, there are others that do VG flavors as well ( https://www.planetofthevapes.co.uk/forums/advanced-pv-mod-making-and-diy-discussion/mixology/threads/list-of-pg-free-flavour-concentrates.143606/)


10% DW is really high! I found it muted my mixes horribly at that and even at 4-5%. I tried it with 1% vodka to help break down the VG, too. No luck. Other people have had success with this. But it just didn’t do it for me.

My wife is PG sensitive so I tried a few ways to mix for her. I settled on just using Pg-free concentrates and extracts and omitting DW and Vodka all together.

Hit Max VG on the calculator, give it a very thorough shake, give it at least a week to steep (3-4 weeks is better) shaking it every so often during the steep, dont over-do it with flavor %s. And you should be great!

She uses a Cleito and the viscous mixes work beautifully. No wicking issues. There is a bit of alcohol in most of the Pg-free concentrates, and it thins the mix just fine.

If you check out my stash, there are over 100 PG-free flavors in there, 99% of which are good to great. I dont own any PG-based concentrates.


Not all of Real Flavors SC line is PG free. Some contain up to 10% and higher PG in them so I thought I’d let you know.


Can you provide a link to that info? I thought @Walt_RealFlavors said that wasn’t the case. There was a recent thread about this, but I’m not able to dive into it at the moment.


I still watching it for the further info Walt was going to provide in regards to the sds sheets


Thanks! Only have a minute…

“…added in the label that some flavors may contain a small amount of PG in them because there are a few that do (3 of the current flavors listed on the site have PG). White Chocolate is the highest at around 2.75%, followed by Yogurt 1.85%, and Toasted Blend (I do not remember and can’t find the amount on my phone but it is under 1%)” -from Walt-

seems to reason that none of the SC line contain anywhere near 10% PG.


Click on the MSD link on the product pages,

This particular flavor contains 10% PG.

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He said those are incorrect, from a 3rd party.


Your title of this thread suits it perfectly.

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Yeah, there is something amiss, but in the quote I pasted above, he was responding to questions about those inaccurate MSD sheets, clarifying that there is no PG in all but 3 SC’s and very little in those.


Sorry, I missed this part before I responded!

For MTL, the theory that “over-flavoring mutes flavors” is probably inaccurate.

Flavor muting from over-flavoring occurs on the tongue and in the nose from too many flavor molecules bombarding the system, as I am to understand it, anyway… not in the mixture itself… so it seems that in a high-wattage DTL set-up, this would be a more prevalent problem. Low-wattage DTL set-ups vaporize a LOT less of the solution, so your getting a fraction of the flavor molecules that we get in a sub-ohm setting.

So, maybe try upping the total flavor up to 20-25-30% like in the olden days of DIY.

Just a hypothesis!

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Maybe lower for SC’s, more like 12-15% to start the experiment. Also, at this higher percentage range, you really shouldn’t have to dilute the VG or not much, at least.

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I’ve also tried some of the RF flavors and found that some of them are great and yet some are weak. I also found that some of them fade pretty bad after 3-4 weeks! @Amy2 be able to help u put because i believe she is also PG sensitive.


I don’t know where in the world you are but Chefs has quite a selection of VG flavours and the shipping is not that expensive to the US if that’s were you are.


There’s another one but I don’t know about their shipping fees.

You could just look if they sell those brands in the US.


I use Max vg also and use 1% DW. No more. And yes, RF is weak. If allowed to steep a full 30 days, the flavor gets weaker and also develops a weird off taste, specifically the bakery flavors. RF vanilla custard is good when used around 1% in conjunction with other brands. Yumberry is good but weak as hell in max vg. I bought a lot of RF during the hype and wished I hadn’t. I’d say use up what you have and try Natures Flavors extracts.


If you dont find a resolution to your problem, my only suggestion is to try Medicine Flower flavor extracts next.
Expensive but very low % needed, most 1% or less. Free shipping from this store and 10% off with this code:

Good luck!!


I totally agree with this.

I don’t get the part about moving away from RF, though. In the recipes I have that use them, the ones that have gone past 1 month steeping have been great! But, i don’t mix with Just RF, and not many people do. Like most mixers, I mix and match brands for different aspects particular flavors impart. RF, MF, NF and a few other random PG-free flavors from different brands can combine very nicely and overcome any one brand’s deficiencies. I do add 15% PG to mine, but have made tests of many of them without it and they are great with just a little extra steeping.

Here is an example of a brand combination that is rich and full of flavor. I’m vaping it right now on only day 2 of steeping and it is fantastic. It is also one that holds nicely after a month of steeping:

Here’s another example of combining brands:

These both translate well to PG-free by omitting the PG from the recipes.

You will find lots of opposing opinions on RFSC. Some love, some hate, some meh. I’m sure it’s the same with other brands and certain flavors from particular brands. It’s something you have to find out for yourself. If you find some you hate, there are probably others who would trade flavors or mixes for them.


Hey :slight_smile: I remember you posting about this before, Really sorry to hear that you’re having such problems getting your mix right :frowning: I guess it’s very much like starting mixing all over again from scratch,

Being a fan of Medicine Flower, myself, I pretty much agree with @netweight, but with a couple of caveats:

  1. Most of the MF flavours need a really long steep (like, a month minimum) I shouldn’t think you’re up for that right now
  2. you’re in Germany, I think? In that case, if you’re gonna try MF, you’ll be better off buying the Botanic Elixir (MF dilutions) from Vapour Depot in the UK. Postage will likely be cheaper and investment in concentrates much smaller .

But for now, you might be better off trying out Flavour Hub’s own brand VG-based concentrates , They’ve got hundreds to choose from, and the great thing about them is they’re ready to vape within a week- yes, even in 100VG mixes. The downside is they’re very dilute, and you’ll definitely need to use at the recommended % (15-20% ) in most cases, but hey! this is as near to instant gratification as you’re likely to get. and i guess you can use some instant gratification ATM!

I used to really ove their lemonade but they seem to have messed with the recipe, so I now mix it with- guess what? - RF lemonade!


Oh! BTW, do be guided by the % given in the flavour tasting notes here on the forum and on the recipe side of the site. I’ve found that oft-given advice to increase the % if you’re mixing 100VG to be very misleading. Makes no difference to %, in my experience, it only makes a difference to steep time. , like others have pointed out, over-flavouring with most of these flavours leads to a loss flavour, not the expected increase in flavour! Annoyingly , if you want maximum flavour, you have to hit the % just right, no way round that.

Good luck!