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Real Flavors Super Concentrates SDS questions


To address the question about being PG free, to it now saying that there is PG in the flavors.

The PSC (Professional Super Concentrates) are the same as the SC (Super Concentrates). We added in the label that some flavors may contain a small amount of PG in them because there are a few that do (3 of the current flavors listed on the site have PG). White Chocolate is the highest at around 2.75%, followed by Yogurt 1.85%, and Toasted Blend (I do not remember and can’t find the amount on my phone but it is under 1%)

I have always tried to be very clear about what goes in to the bottles and did not want to say that all flavors are PG free any longer if a few were not.



Oh one more thing as I was scrolling up. When we were talking proof verse percentage before I was talking about what is in the flavor base.

So a PG base is different from an alcohol base

PG based flavors contain all PG filler (this is why it causes all the sensitivity issues), and alcohol is distilled water that has alcohol in it at a set proof or percentage. Think about a bottle of vodka you may drink at home. If it is 40 proof (20%) what is the other 80% of that bottle? Same concept in flavoring except the alcohol here is used as a preservative and helps with the suspension of ingredients.

(PS, it is 530am here and I am typing all this from bed, please excuse any grammar errors, I have not had coffee yet!)



First let me say thank you for rescuing our sanity.
Second, punch that 3rd party in their bathing suit area! :wink:

I remember discussing that there may be very low levels of certain solvents, PG/PDO, added to the flavorings so seeing that some contained up to 40-50% kinda threw us for a loop. Appreciate you straightening this out for us.



So, when creating a recipe do I chose “other” for the diluent? I don’t see anything for alcohol. This will be my first time building recipes using all or a combo of PG/Alcohol flavors.



My PSC came in today. I was wondering if I should stick to 10ml testers or jump to 30ml for some of them. I hear they make good stand alones. Has anyone started mixing theirs yet. This is what I got:

Brown Sugar
Butter Pecan Pie
Deep Fried Spongecake
Graham Cracker
French Toast
Aged Bourbon Cream
Melon Medley




Definitely stick to 10ml. Even if you do like any as a SF, you’ll have to dial in your preferred strength. I haven’t tried all those flavors, but Deep Fried spongecake can be good as a SF. Maybe the pie, french toast pancake and fruits? Not sure, haven’t tried those. Based on the other fruit flavors of theirs I have tried, they aren’t good SF. Unless you like eating brown sugar or aged bourbon cream by themselves, they are more of an accent. Normally a graham cracker by itself is good, but vapes tend to be dry with them, so probably an accent.

But, I am a huge believer in testing everything SF, as it makes you know your flavors sooooo much better. And if you make a recipe that you taste an off note in it you’ll know immediately which flavor it is from your SF testing, instead of having to narrow it down 1 flavor at a time…more time consuming than SF testing.

But that is just my preferences. Everyone has their ways they like to do things that works for them. Please let me know how that Butter Pecan Pie turns out…I’ve been very curious about it. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the french toast as well but I can’t remember off the top of my head whether it was good SF.

Hopefully more people will chime in. A LOT of reviews on quite a few flavors in the tasting threads, if you like reading a book :wink:



Thanks Rose :smiley: Yeah, I wasn’t thinking of gulping down a spoon of brown sugar any time soon. I was hoping to use it in my caramelized banana recipe that I found on the Ingredient Pairing website. The Aged Bourbon Cream was going to be for a Bourbon Balls recipe I also found on that site. We’ll see…I could be all off but I hear good things about most of these flavors. I appreciate the feedback :wink:

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I’m new to RF SC. So, when I create a recipe I need to choose “other” for the flavor base where it says PG, VG, other? (even though there might be a little PG in the flavoring)?



Yes. There are, I believe, only 3 RFSCs that contain PG, and it’s such a small amount that choosing “other” should still be the way to go.



Appreciated :). However, for those of us who really do need to exclude PG from our vape, it’s vitally important to be able to identify the PG-free flavours, or else they might as well not exist. The trouble is, I shouldn’t think that we’re all repeatedl;y hunting through ELR with a fine tooth comb to find the answers we need. I should think I’,m unusual there.

Personally, I’ve just ruled out whole product ranges on the basis that it says PG on the labels. Normally, that would make sense, but I hate to think that people like me will now be ruling out all of the RF products on that basis. But I’m sure that’s happening, even as we speak.

I do appreciate you being careful not to mislead us , but surely there must be a better way of resolving this? Heck, we’re gonna have people going back to stinkies, just for the sake of three of your flavours having a bit of PG in them, at this rate.

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Where are the Real Flavors SDS?
is there an index?

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On the RF website on the SC flavour details page there is a link to the SDS sheets in the tech data section



you mean at the bottom of each flavor where the 3 dots are?

no link
imo it should be on every flavor and also in an index, and on the site map?



Looks like it is not up for the Hawaiian Drink



3 X 10ml samples for $7.00


But I wish all the SDS sheets were available and completely filled in

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How did you get their SDS sheets? If I contacted them would they send them to me? Or would you be able to send me the SDS sheet for their Pink Candy Burst Type if you have it? I can’t find it anywhere on their website and the links that point towards them are all broken. Thanks for any help



Their link is broken. Probably with the new site update. If you email them and let them know they should get it fixed pretty quickly, they usually respond fast :slight_smile:

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Thanks for response. Yea I ended up emailing them and they sent me all their sds sheets really fast!

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